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Blink-182 – Hypertension Stage 3

An elevated blood pressure reading of 182/50 indicates Hypertension Stage 3, the highest stage. Immediate medical advice must be sought.

As part of your routine health regimen, it is recommended to check blood pressure first thing in the morning and again just prior to going to bed in order to assess its fluctuations throughout the day.

Achievement and Honors

Blink-182 have had an acclaimed, groundbreaking pop-punk career – becoming one of the most successful bands ever. Twice topping both Billboard 200 and album sales charts, four No.1s on Alternative Airplay chart and eight songs making Billboard Hot 100 chart have resulted in multiple accolades such as Artist of the Year from Billboard magazine as well as two Grammy awards as well as being inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and even having their own theme park!

Net Worth

Blink-182’s pop-punk trio has sold an enormous number of records and tours worldwide, which has left its members richer than most.

Tom DeLonge, co-founder of Atticus Clothing and Macbeth Footwear, and founded entertainment company To The Stars; additionally he holds an interest in UFOs.

According to reliable sources such as Celebrity Net Worth, drummer Travis Barker may be the wealthiest member. According to some estimates, his worth has been pegged at $50 Million.

He earned his fortune through reality TV shows and business ventures; however, his wealth also includes his gig with a popular rock band as well as being married to Kourtney Kardashian.

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