2017 Best Snowboards

The Best Snowboards of 2017

These are the 2017 best snowboards and they have a unique look and feel. The Kazu Pro by Capita, a stunning snowboard with a purple stained topsheet, traditional Japanese kabuki, and a koi-styled bottom graphic is truly impressive. Another standout in the lineup is the Eero Etala from Nitro Snowboards, which features a graphic inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

The 2017 best snowboards come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Some are meant for beginners, while others are geared toward the more advanced rider. Regardless of what you are looking for, here are some boards to look at: The Burton Working Stiff is a more agile all-mountain board, and the CAPiTA BSOD gets a facelift. The new board features arced carbon rods, a faster base and more nimbleness.

The Backwoods split, in addition to its all-mountain design and outstanding touring deck, won the Editor’s Choice Award of Backcountry Magazine 2017. It features a pow-rocker shape and carbon inserts in a poplar-bamboo core. It’s also a great board for riding crud and gunk in the late spring.

For the more advanced rider, the Capita Defenders of Awesome snowboard is the perfect choice. It is made from a combination of poplar wood and beech wood. It offers a super rideable shape. With a DS Select sustainable core, it is lightweight and super strong. Fortress Kevlar-bound sidewalls add strength to the board. Dynaweave fiberglass is used to make the board. This blends biax and triax layers to increase flexibility. This snowboard has a positive camber profile that provides a responsive ride and mid-range flex.

The 2017 best snowboards are distinguished by many features. Some boards are made for specific conditions, such as hardpack and powder. Others are designed for all terrain, including slush and cliff drops. It is important to determine the terrain you are most comfortable on and what features make the snowboard so special.

Depending on your style, you can choose a board that will fit your personality. The Burton Custom Flying V is the perfect snowboard for you if you want to do it all. With an updated graphic and Burton tech, this board will perform for a wide range of terrain. The new model is more nose-than-tail and is made for switch riding.

The Burton True Twin is another popular board. It has lots of pop and is great for learning tricks at the park or for jibbing around on the piste. Its rocker shape, flat sections underfoot, and rocker shape help it grip the snow. This gives it control and stability. It’s fun to ride and allows you to flip back-and-forth without losing control.

This board is an excellent choice for parents who want to raise a snowboarder. It can handle any terrain thanks to its rocker shape, which is freestyle-oriented. It’s great for park jumps, too.

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