90 Day Fiance Jasmine And Gino

90 Day Fiance – Gino and Jasmine Have a Long Way to Go Before Starting a Family

Jasmine and Gino, the most popular couple on 90 Day Fiance are likely to be the only top contenders in season 5. The two have been the MVPs of the season, though Gino has broken Jasmine’s heart more than once. They worked out their differences and are looking forward to getting married in the U.S. before trying for children. However, they still have a long way to go.

The first season of the show featured the couple as long-distance lovers who had to face the difficulties of international dating. After Gino’s ex-girlfriend sent them photos of herself, Jasmine’s and Gino had a terrible relationship. Despite the harrowing events, the couple were able to move past the rocky start, and they celebrated their two-year anniversary a month late.

Luckily, their relationship continued to flourish after the show wrapped in May 2020. The couple moved into an apartment in Panama City where Jasmine was still studying. Despite Gino being unemployed at the time, he was offered a job with a Michigan automobile company. Jasmine convinced Gino to spend $500 on clothes for their wedding. Gino was concerned that the rent would drain his retirement savings, but this proved to be too much.

However, this didn’t stop Gino from messaging other women. Even after the show ended Gino continued to communicate online with at least one woman. It’s not surprising Gino keeps in touch with at most one woman online. Jasmine and Gino also kept in touch with other women after the show ended. This led to rumors about a new relationship.

Jasmine and Gino’s relationship began in Panama. They intended to marry each other before they left for Panama. They got engaged in the 90-day time frame! While they may be unable to get married soon, it’s a good time to consider starting a family. You can’t have children before you’re ready. Gino and Jasmine still have a lot of work to do before they get married.

After Gino’s K-1 visa approval, the two met for the first time on a sugar baby site. They became a couple. Jasmine’s ex-girlfriend told her that Gino was a “sugar daddy” and paid women between $200 and $250 a night for sex. Gino was also surprised to learn about Jasmine’s past by talking to his ex-girlfriend. Afterward, she confronted Gino about his “sugar baby” past.

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