90s Rave Fashion

90s Rave Fashion

It’s no surprise that the fashion of the 90s rave scene incorporated a variety of styles and influences. Everything from merry cartoons to gloomy Goth attire made an appearance in rave fashion. This style broke the rules of traditional dress codes. Although it is sub-retro, rave purists still love baggy pants and huge phat pants. Regardless of its retro styling, 90s rave fashion was always ironically cool.

The renegade spirit was alive and well in the rave scene, and 90s rave fashion was no exception. With colorful clothes and accessories inspired by mainstream brands like Adidas, ravers pushed the envelope while still staying true to the spirit of the decade. Accessories such as Mickey Mouse plushes, beaded necklaces, and smiley face T-shirts became a popular staple in rave fashion. While the era’s rave fashion has been associated with the wild and outrageous, the resemblance to the kink and punk roots was evident, as was the fusion of two distinct styles.

In the 1990s, kandi kid culture emerged. This also played a part in 90s rave fashion. Young natives from California became involved in hip hop culture and tried to portray it through their wild outfits. Young SoCal natives began wearing neon tank tops, tracksuits, and other wild outfits. The kandi was a popular accessory at this time.

As diverse as the music, 90s rave fashion was a unique blend of street style and futuristic influences. PVC, spiked hair, and goth platform boots were all common. A contrasting splash of neon on a black outfit – a unique look that became instantly recognizable. It was important to note that the styles and trends varied greatly from coast to coast. For example, the fashion in the Northeast differed from that in the West.

A ’90s rave fashion cult started with two individuals. Liquid Sky was founded by DJ Carlos Soul Slinger, and Claudia Rey, a model. It taps into the Soho’s thriving rave culture. The brand’s story revolved around utopia and chaos. The brand became so popular that there was a fashion cult in the store’s stockrooms. It eventually became a bustling raver salon. Last year, they released a capsule collection with the TV show V-Files.

The popularity of rave fashions grew as the scene exploded. Many ravers wore revealing outfits. Some of the 90s fashions have even been retro-inspired. Ravers today don’t hesitate to show their style – rave fashion is all about freedom. Nothing is more liberating than being able to express yourself. With these trends, the 90s rave scene remains a vibrant part of music history.

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