90s Red Carpet

The 90s Red Carpet

The ’90s red-carpet is a throwback back to a time when women could wear anything from low-rise jeans and spaghetti straps. The decade was also the height of grunge and punk rock, and the era’s fashions were perfectly acceptable for events ranging from fancy parties to the Academy Awards. In 1994, actress Elizabeth Hurley made fashion history with her black Versace gown at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral. Another memorable moment was when the actress wore a gold gown with a small handbag.

Handbags were popular in the 90s as a practical carry-all. Many stars wore them in the 1990s. Christy Turlington and Kate Moss both wore functional handbags to carry their essentials on the red carpet. The era’s shoes were equally practical and comfortable – Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves showed up to red carpets on motorcycles, and Gwyneth Paltrow wore well-worn Chuck Taylors.

In the ’90s, there were some very cool women on the red carpet. Cindy Crawford was one of the most beloved actresses of the decade and graced the Oscars red carpet in 1991. The actress, model, and producer, Cindy Crawford, wore a Versace red gown. Cindy and Richard Gere were later married at the Church of the West. Kaia, her daughter, could still wear the Versace gown today. Cindy was a standout on red carpet with her canary yellow dress and structured top.

Apart from the many iconic women who graced the 1990s red carpet, the celebrities of that decade had their own unique and memorable looks. Juliette Lewis, for instance, was known for her unique style and unique headpiece. Kate Walsh, on the other hand, wore a matching raincoat and matching pants in a shiny blue. TLC was another iconic figure, wearing matching leopard-print camisoles with platform boots and matching pants. These women are a reminder that the 90s were all about fashion.

Heather Graham is another star of the 1990s who was not afraid to push the envelope on the red carpet. She was not afraid of wearing transparent dresses, and she was rewarded by the end for taking a fashion risk. The actress wore a partially-sheer, heavily-beaded dress to the 1999 Screen Actors Guild Awards, which showed some saucy sections. This was an excellent example of her bold style.

Although there were some unusual looks in the ’90s, they were mostly comfortable and reflected the decade’s individuality. Some celebs displayed a unique sense for style at the Emmys, which was a very outlandish night. One actress wore a beret to the 1992 premiere of Guilty By Suspicion, while another wore a woollen jumper with ruffles at the Oscars luncheon.

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