ADAM-5630 Edge Intelligent DAQ Controller

Advantech ADAM-5630 Edge Intelligent DAQ Controller features cutting-edge technology for quick and simple process control. With support for Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP Master and Slave function libraries as well as real-time clock and watchdog timer functions built-in, as well as one Micro SD slot expansion for data storage expansion, this advanced device makes its presence felt instantly.

Before using your device, please read and heed these Safety Instructions carefully.

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Personal Life

ADAM-5630 is a reliable device designed for screen printing. Its features include an external battery slot to make changing an RTC battery easier for its user and LED indicators that display system status information as well as various options for configuration. Furthermore, this unit can be installed into either DIN-rail or wall mount systems and it supports shielded cables to help safeguard the environment.

Net Worth

ADAM-5630 series supports either RS-232 or RS-485 communication ports and can easily connect with any computer or printer using serial cables. It comes equipped with an SD slot for data storage as well as an external battery slot for quick battery replacement, wall or DIN-rail mounting capabilities and includes a warranty card; making it simple and user friendly! It makes monitoring, recording and analyzing data simple yet efficient while being easy to maintain and use.

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