Adam Akin

Adam Akin

Adam Akin is the CEO and creator of Thirty Minute Mentors – an interview series wherein Adam sits down one-on-one with hundreds of America’s leading figures for half-hour conversations about leadership issues. Adam is also renowned leadership speaker.

ADAM (Adaptation and Anticipation Model) combines adaptive error correction processes (adaptation) with predictive temporal extrapolation processes (anticipation) derived from computational neuroscience internal models. This architectural is utilized in innovative research paradigms combining simulations and behavioral experiments.

Early Life and Education

Adam Akin was an exceptional student and athlete, particularly on the baseball field. He earned two first team All-Metro selections at North High School before beginning three seasons as a starter for University of Indianapolis. Additionally, Akin enjoyed playing sports outdoors as well as tinkering with electronics.

As superintendent, Akin has led Piedmont, Alabama school district on an innovative digital transformation, altering both students’ learning methods and teachers’ jobs. His efforts included giving all students laptops and making internet access available to families – his enthusiasm for technology infectious! In addition to his education work, Akin is also recognized as an outstanding leadership speaker – his accomplishments include winning a 2017 TEDx award as well as being selected an Education Week Leader to Learn From 2016.

Professional Career

Adam Akin is an experienced attorney who has advised private funds and investment managers on a range of matters related to formation, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financings and general tax compliance. His clients value his business-centric approach in translating legal and tax issues into risk-adjusted recommendations that assist them with running their businesses effectively.

Adam leads numerous ventures beyond law practice. He hosts and creates the popular business and leadership podcast Thirty Minute Mentors where he speaks one on one with America’s top leaders for intimate half hour conversations each week. Furthermore, Adam has written extensively about leadership, management and entrepreneurship.

Personal Life

Adam is a devoted husband and father who delights in spending time with his wife, son, and daughter as well as traveling and cooking. Currently studying Biblical & Theological Studies at SEBTS while his wife Kathrynn attends Imago Dei Church in Raleigh.

He focuses on furthering his understanding of the Bible and strengthening relationships with others, striving to become a leader who makes an impactful mark on society. He hosts a podcast called Thirty Minute Mentors where top leaders from around the country are interviewed regularly; additionally he’s an ardent proponent of Christianity as a strong supporter of church and Christian faith and proud member of American Association of University Professors.

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