Adam Ames

Adam Ames – Actor – Net Worth of $5 Million

Ames is a New York-based artist who creates work using different media to form his identity – such as horror films, sitcom television shows, heavy metal music albums, and other forms of mediation art experience.

Ames’ work reflects his belief that individuals are free to chart their own ethical course rather than be predetermined by ancestry.

Early Life and Education

Adam Ames was born and educated in New York City. As a visual artist he studied at both Penn University and the International Center of Photography.

He and Andrew Bordwin have collaborated since 1998, using various forms of media to investigate themes related to competition, challenge and play which range from psychologically disarming to profoundly absurd.

Their first collaborative work, Dance (1998), recreated a high school wrestling match and was followed by 4 Urban Contests and 5 Urban Rescues that showcased highly dramatic action scenes. From 1998-1999 they pursued The Twins Project; an examination of male bonding, competition and endurance featuring custom dolls made in their likeness by My Twinn Company.

Professional Career

Adam Ames has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout his professional career, serving as director of Ames National Laboratory for nearly ten years.

As director, Ames played an instrumental role in developing Ames Laboratory’s critical materials research program and maintaining its world-class status. His scheduled departure as director is July 2024 after which he will transition into part-time supporting business development for critical materials research at Ames and its partners.

Ames excels both technically and at communicating effectively with others, possessing unique communication abilities such as soliciting staff feedback, providing senior management feedback, and creating comprehensive communications plans.

Achievement and Honors

Ames was an esteemed Hollywood art director who built upon his craft over an extensive career in film production. He earned Oscar(r), Tony(r), and Emmy(r) nominations as well as several prestigious awards for his efforts.

He was widely recognized as one of the premier draftsmen in his field and his architectural drawings appeared in many movies such as The Wizard of Oz (1939) which he designed.

He finds pleasure in watching NFL, NASCAR, old WWE(F), WCW and NWA wrestling matches and documentaries in his free time, reading fiction and nonfiction books as well as playing golf and soccer in his leisure time. Additionally, his wife comes first in his life; together, they enjoy traveling together.

Personal Life

Adam is an independent yet compassionate individual. He takes great pleasure in taking care of those around him and is loyal and protective, showing genuine concern for their wellbeing.

He is both very romantic and affectionate, holding great affection for Juliette whom he has protected ever since she was young.

Adam feels devastated upon learning of her death and becomes determined to find and protect her.

Cyrus Trask, Charles’ father, is an unyielding and rigid individual who attempts to make Charles into an army soldier. Their relationship becomes very tense and violent due to this, leading them into conflict with each other and ultimately creating a deep divide.

He struggles to communicate effectively with his wife, Cathy. She tends to abuse him and can be extremely jealous; in addition, she suffers from substance abuse which she conceals from him.

Net Worth

Adam James is an English actor with a net worth of $5 Million and an established reputation as one of the industry’s finest professionals, his success attributable to hard work and perseverance.

He is an esteemed figure in media, boasting an enormous fan base. Additionally, his social media accounts boast extensive reach where followers frequently interact with him on various platforms.

He is an English television and stage actor born September 9, 1972. His TV credits include Band of Brothers, Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire, Bonekickers, Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant and Casualty – along with stage performances Blood and Gifts (2010) and The Pride (2011).

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