Adam Bartos

Adam Bartos – Photographer

Adam Bartos is an award-winning photographer from New York who has shown his work throughout North America and Europe, most recently at MoMA’s exhibition Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of American West.

Bartos’ Yard Sale Photographs series captures the abandoned items found throughout urban environments. His photographs evoke more an anthropological project than simply remembering bygone toys.

Early Life and Education

David Peter Bartos and Adrienne K. Bartos of Pennsylvania welcomed their son David Peter Bartos to Emory University in Atlanta before going on to receive his law degree from University of Virginia.

His mother passed away when he was six. Today, he is the proud parent of two children.

Photographer who specializes in ordinary scenes depicted with vivid hues and subtle composition. His photographs often evoke feelings of serenity or even melancholy.

Professional Career

Adam Bartos is widely respected for his fine-art photography work, having appeared in multiple publications and exhibitions worldwide.

Bartos is known for his meticulously composed photos and groundbreaking use of innovative technology to produce astonishing effects. His latest creation – an archival pigment print using four-color carbon transfer process – achieves tonal range and fine detail never seen before in fine art photography.

Bartos has dedicated much of his career to documenting the most intriguing aspects of modern society, from United Nations Headquarters in New York and Russia’s space program to darkroom photography and the art form itself.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Bartos is best known for his vibrant photographs depicting everyday scenes which exude serenity while conveying melancholy at times. His works have been shown at major museums and galleries worldwide and published in books like International Territory and The Monogram O’ Mine.

Adam Bartos has received many honors throughout his career. These include being honored with two New York Public Library funds – Margaret and Herman Sokol Public Education Endowment Fund and Golden Ratio Award; as well as being nominated for National Society of Arts and Letters’ annual art competition. Furthermore, in addition to photography he has written books as well as serving on boards for several nonprofits organizations.

Personal Life

Adam Bartos is a New York-based photographer whose photographs explore time’s passage and our world’s change, featuring such locations as the United Nations, Los Angeles and Paris.

His photographs capture daily scenes that exude quiet calm with an occasional hint of melancholy. While drawn to places with symbolic meaning that have become cliches such as New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, Bartos photographs his subjects from an objective yet dispassionate distance in order to show truths beyond cliche.

Bartos’s love of all things off-grid and neglected has long been evident in his work since he first explored his native New York landscape as an early youth. Subsequent studies of moribund Russian space programs, fading modernist glory of United Nations buildings and Long Island landscapes illustrate his keen observant eye for detail and time as they pass and cultures change over time.

Net Worth

Adam Bartos is an esteemed volleyball player. Currently competing on the Czech Republic Volleyball Team, Adam reportedly boasts a net worth estimated at $1.5 Million as of 2023. Born April 27th 1992.

Bartos was born into a Jewish family in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. His mother was Celeste Gottesman and his father was Jerome John Altman (an architect). Jerome John Altman is father to Jonathan Altman as well as grandad to Armand Bartos Jr. and Mary Bartos. Additionally his stepmother Jenifer Altman died from cancer and served as stepmother to Jenifer Altman (another great aunt was Shoshana R Ungerleider of physician fame). He prefers keeping his personal life private so far hasn’t publicly announced whether he’s dating or engaged!

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