Adam Boies

Adam Boies, Attorney at Law

Harvey Weinstein had known Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes before she signed her Founder Agreement. Additionally, Mr. Weinstein represented Ms. Holmes on an ownership stake board for her company.

At no point did he represent either client to advance an overarching legal principle, as was done in Bush v. Gore and gay-marriage litigations.

Early Life and Education

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Personality-wise, Boies is warm and charming; professionally speaking however, he can be aggressive and intimidating. In one interview with The New Yorker, one person described a Boies pretrial cross-examination as similar to watching your cat fiddle with its food before it consumes it!

Last year, he has made headlines for representing clients facing sexual harassment accusations and corporate fraud claims such as Harvey Weinstein and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, leading some to question his legal judgement while other lawyers maintain he should not be blamed.

Professional Career

Adam Boies provides high-level legal counsel and arbitration services to address complex business and consumer disputes in courts and regulatory proceedings nationwide. His clients rely on his over two decades of trial and appellate work.

Celebrity attorney Marc Gerschenfeld was once widely revered within both liberal and legal communities. Unfortunately, however, his reputation has since been stained by his involvement with Harvey Weinstein and Theranos; on both these boards he served as a board member.

He took on both cases despite an express waiver of conflict that gave his firm the right to sue The Times, where he is best-known for representing George Steinbrenner. He states he simply wanted to protect his client from headlines that could damage her and hired private investigators on her behalf to smear accusers and intimidate journalists.

Achievement and Honors

Boies and Moskowitz received this recognition during the American Antitrust Institute’s Annual AAI Awards Night held on November 10, following AAI’s Private Law Practice Antitrust Summit.

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Matthew J. McGuinness of Caldwell, New Jersey won the Wagner College Physician Assistant Award with an outstanding GPA and graduated with his bachelor’s degree. Amy M. Pimer of West Haven, Connecticut won the Phyllis Andors Award as having achieved second highest GPA among students majoring in government and politics.

Personal Life

Boies has made himself known as one of the go-to lawyers for high-profile clients such as disgraced producer and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. Additionally, he provided representation for Al Gore during recount battles surrounding his presidential election of 2000 as well as helping overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

He had long been drawn to high-profile cases, representing young Donald Trump for Cravath and taking on George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees as one of his clients; yet representing Theranos put him in an ethical quandary.

He had invested his firm’s fees in Theranos, totaling about 400,000 shares that were worth around $7 million at its apex. While he acknowledged a mistake when hiring Black Cube to target Times reporters, and has since repaid all of the stock.

Net Worth

Boies has contributed much of his wealth to charitable organizations. A chair was named in his honour at Tulane University Law School; Harvard Kennedy School offers him support through its Mary and David Boies Fellowship; he founded Central European and Eurasian Law Institute as well as owning Hawk and Horse Vineyards.

Boies has made his fortune as chairman of Boies, Schiller & Flexner firm and is widely recognized as an attorney who represents high-profile clients such as Al Gore in Bush v. Gore and George Steinbrenner in civil proceedings, among many others. Weinstein and Theranos could have gone unnoticed had it not been for public events surrounding these clients; additionally he represented Michael Moore against an investigation from Treasury over filming in Cuba while simultaneously filing suit on Tom Brady’s behalf against NFL for nonpayment of dues payable for contracts signed prior to filming trip and filed suit on his behalf against NFL on behalf of Tom Brady on Tom’s behalf on Tom’s behalf against NFL as an attorney who represented both parties involved despite personal entanglements with those clients that could have gone unnoticed until personal scandal became public involving those clients represented; similarly his work for Weinstein and Theranos could have gone unnoticed had personal entanglements not become public and litigation between those clients and those clients being involved with Weinstein/Theranos could have gone unnoticed had their personal entanglements become public. Additionally defended Michael Moore against a Treasury Department investigation over his Cuba trip for filming while sued them both against both.

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