Adam Bottle

Adam Bottle (Actor)

Adam finds himself lost in his memories, seeking help from Brint to regain access to them.

Neilson will lead Ocean Bottle’s product and technology team, helping guide their tech roadmap as it expands. He brings over 25 years of experience scaling product development teams at hyper-growth companies.

Early Life and Education

Adam Bottle has earned numerous achievements throughout his professional life. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attending the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally a member of Delta Chi fraternity he currently resides with his wife in Zelienople Pennsylvania.

He was an experienced whimsy bottle maker who built fans, crosses and ladders into his bottles using mallets or other items for realistic effect. Although some paint was used, most was more like stain than actual paint.

Some of his bottles feature notations that indicate it was his fourth bottle in that style or type, potentially signifying that they included as many as four fans or up to 12 in them.

Professional Career

Adam excels at connecting people and processes, whether that be building teams or developing software. He takes great pleasure in finding ways to reduce cost while learning by doing. Adam is an active member of Code for Baltimore as well as producing electronic music.

Adam hails from Atlanta and became immersed in collecting rare whiskey bottles after joining Shortbarrel barrel picking groups.

His professional expertise includes enterprise architecture, IT strategy and data movement (warehousing and file transmissions). Additionally, he has led the creation of numerous high-performing software teams. Furthermore, he holds both project management professional and Scrum master certifications; passionate about helping companies align IT strategy with business goals, and an expert at teambuilding.

Achievement and Honors

Mr. Singhal was the co-founder and CTO of Wefarm, where he led its tech team and oversaw its roadmap to empower 3.5 million small-scale farmers. Additionally, at Google he oversaw their global technology infrastructure as they expanded multiple platforms to support company growth. Recently joining Ocean Bottle’s team in November 2018, where he will work closely with their product and platform teams in setting their technology roadmap as well as collaborate on architecture design decisions.

Adam Selick’s bottles contain written notations stating they were built in 1891 and presented by E.L. Anthony, a Civil War soldier from Zelienople, Pennsylvania who later went on to become a farmer and fight for veterans to receive pension funds. This may have been Edward L. Anthony who later advocated on veterans’ rights for pension funds.

Personal Life

His hobbies include harmonica playing, karaoke singing and cooking. Furthermore, he is keenly interested in philosophy as well as possessing an extensive collection of comic books.

He enjoys traveling and scuba diving, costume parties and practical jokes; and has two cats as pets.

Adam works as a business consultant, helping companies recover from financial distress. Additionally, his passion lies with teaching; he has given guest lectures at several universities including Yeshiva University and Wharton School of Business.

ADAM is a potency gene-editing chemical, used to alter genetic makeup or abilities in individuals. Often compared to cancerous cells, ADAM gradually destroys native tissue cells in favor of unstable stem versions through cellular mutation. Overuse may result in mental degradation.

Net Worth

Adam Weitsman’s net worth as of May 2023 is estimated at an estimated $1.2 billion. He generates most of his wealth through Upstate Shredding – Weitsman Recycling, one of the leading scrap processing firms in America, along with investments and property holdings throughout New York state.

He joined Matt Campbell in entering the Shark Tank to raise capital for their company, BottleKeeper, which had over 3,000 stores waiting to sell it and required funds infusion to expand to those stores. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban offered $1 Million in exchange for 5 percent equity and royalty payments until $2 Million had been recouped – an offer which they accepted.

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