Adam Bozic

Adam Bozic is the Assistant Facility Manager at the Tallmadge Recreation Center

Adam Bozic has been appointed Assistant Facility Manager of the Tallmadge Recreation Center, taking the place of Jessica Simons who has since been promoted to Parks & Rec Manager. Adam will oversee daily operations and programming of the center.

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Early Life and Education

Gnade’s handling of Bozic as the protagonist creates an effortless autofictional stand-in; an awkward beach town child who develops into an adult with similar unhappiness and poor choices as his life, driving the story along its journey with an evocative setting and character arcs that drive forward the prose as much as anything.

Adam Michael Jr. currently resides in Tallmadge with his wife Julie (another high school teacher), their daughters Emma and Ella as well as recently welcomed son Adam Michael Jr.

Professional Career

Gnade writes books as well as making recordings he calls “talking songs”, spoken stories with musical or ambient accompaniment, known as talking songs. Both forms of his work form an uninterrupted narrative storyline but can be consumed piecemeal.

Bozic, who graduated from Tallmadge High School, joined the City’s recreation department as assistant facility manager of their Recreation Center. He replaced Jessica Simons who had been promoted to park and recreation manager.

Bozic has dedicated his academic career to studying the implementation and evaluation of value-based health care payment and delivery models. He has published extensively in medical journals, receiving both the UCSF Exceptional Physician Award and OREF Clinical Research award in recognition of his work.

Personal Life

Gnade’s novels – including this one about an bullied teenager trying to find his professional groove without succumbing to ulcers – are grounded by a Springsteenian sense of hope and redemption; these novels also tell a tale of displacement, strange shores, glory despite hardship, friendship and love despite hardship.

Gnade’s books and recordings combine to form what he refers to as “talking songs”: spoken stories with musical or ambient accompaniment that are available on Spotify and Apple Music, creating a world in which certain characters, such as James Bozic from Caveworld, appear more frequently than before.

Tallmadge High School graduate Ryan lives with his wife Julie and three children in Tallmadge City. As assistant facility manager of Tallmadge Recreation Center he took over Jessica Simons’ role after she was promoted.

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