Adam Brasket

Nurse Practitioner – Adam Brasket

Adam Brasket, MSN is a nurse practitioner located in Anaheim, CA who practices at Progeny Psychiatric Clinic. He accepts multiple insurance plans and Medicare enrollment. Adam provides full range of health care services to his patients – please verify coverage prior to scheduling an appointment. In addition, St Mary’s Hospital is affiliated with Adam’s practice.

Early Life and Education

Adam Brasket is a nurse practitioner working in healthcare. He ensures patients receive quality care, understand physician instructions and have access to services necessary for optimal health. Adam also assists doctors in managing patient records with accuracy and security – having more than eight years’ experience in this area and continuing to take on new responsibilities in this role.

Adam Brasket MSN is an enrolled Medicare provider listed with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Currently located in Anaheim, CA under Progeny Psychiatric Clinic’s name he accepts multiple insurance plans while holding board certification in Adult-Gerontology.

Professional Career

Adam Brasket has been practicing as a nurse practitioner in healthcare for three years and currently practices at Progeny Psychiatric Clinic in Anaheim, California. Adam specializes in psychiatric care and plays an all-encompassing role to ensure his patients’ wellbeing.

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Adam Brasket is registered with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and holds an active PECOS number, accepting new patients and appointments and compatible with most insurance plans. Please call Adam’s office before scheduling an appointment; and check his free profile at Doximity for more details.

Personal Life

Adam Brasket of Anaheim, CA and Progeny Psychiatric Clinic is currently accepting new patients and accepting multiple insurance plans. He is board-certified in Psychiatry, working directly with them one-on-one to understand medical conditions, follow physician orders, provide emotional support and offer emotional advice – and currently accepting new ones* UCSF Health is affiliated with him! *Acceptance may change at any time so please check directly with Progeny to be sure.

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