Adam Bratton

Adam Bratton

Adam Bratton possesses extensive knowledge in developing governance models and serving on multiple Boards. Additionally, he has spearheaded fundraising initiatives for non-profits.

He advocates the “broken windows theory”, which states that minor crimes will increase without intervention from law enforcement and community members alike. He supports an ethnically diverse police force as well as building relationships between police and communities.

Early Life and Education

Adam Bratton had yet to realize it when Tuesday and Wednesday were to be his last rounds of high school golf – two rounds that may determine his chance at an IHSAA state championship title at Prairie View High. But it’s hard to shake the lingering feeling that these were going to be his final rounds before graduating next month from Castle High.

He’s a 4.0 student, never craving sweet snacks and trusting his coaches. Together with his parents he took their time finding an appropriate college for himself.

Ohio State provided him with that opportunity, where he’ll join a long and distinguished tradition of success. Under current head coach Tom Herman’s reign, the Cowboys have won five NCAA championships under him — with 2018’s incredible win on Karsten Creek being one of the most celebrated victories ever witnessed by any school in its history.

Professional Career

Adam Bratton has worked as a draft supervisor at various companies and served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations, providing him with experience in developing governance models and overseeing administrative functions in non-profit environments.

Bratton has led Oregon State’s Cowboy golf program through one of its most successful seasons to date during his tenure, winning both NCAA Championship and all four Major Championships at Karsten Creek on home turf. Furthermore, Hovland and Wolff were All-Americans under his guidance as he led the nation in tournament victories.

Castle High School standout Bratton will compete alongside some of golf’s greatest players at Oakmont Country Club and Longue Vue Club in Pennsylvania for the 121st United States Amateur Championship. He did not take this step lightly and recognizes its associated pressure.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Bratton received the Speed, Strength and Conditioning coach John Sauer’s Winter Warrior award this winter. The honor is presented annually to an OSU player who best displays hard work and commitment to improvement that marked Stewart’s tenure at Ohio State.

Bratton made an immediate impact during his inaugural year as the Cowboys’ head coach, leading his team back into the NCAA semifinals while winning five tournament titles – Kelsey Vines and Julie Yang were recognized with honorable mention All-America accolades.

Braton also led Ohio State to their eighth national title during his tenure, including two top 10 finishes at the NCAA Championship. He coached 23 All-Americans (eight first team selections). Academically, Stark, Gupta and Neergaard-Petersen all received All-America Scholar status.

Personal Life

After an outstanding career at Oregon State, Bratton led his Cowboys to three NCAA Championship victories as player (1995), assistant coach (2006), and head coach (2018) – with this year’s victory being especially sweet on home turf at Karsten Creek.

Bratton is an avid runner and cyclist in his free time, recently completing a challenge to bike every street in his hometown and inspiring others to follow suit.

He and his wife reside in Westfield, NY with their three children. Additionally, he has extensive experience managing governance models and the administrative functions of non-profit organizations including fundraising, event, and facility management as well as being proficient in using online and social media for marketing and outreach efforts.

Net Worth

Adam Bratton has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million due to his career as a professional skateboarder, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. With millions of subscribers on YouTube alone he has amassed wealth through endorsement deals as well as his clothing line business ventures and other endeavors.

Adam Bratton is best known as the father of Margaret “Peggy” Hogshead from his first marriage and also had children from his second. During Dumore’s War – an 18th century conflict between Virginia colonists and Native Americans living in Ohio Valley – one of his duties included commanding militia companies from Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt Culpeper Dunmore Fincastle counties as part of a southwestern Virginia militia force he led.

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