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Mary Cerbone – A Lawyer Specialized in DUI and Divorce

Jason Cerbone stars as Meadow Soprano’s innocent-by-association lover Jackie Aprile Jr. on HBO’s hit series The Sopranos. Offscreen, however, this handsome actor is in a relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler from his co-starring role on the series.

Cerbone engaged in a series of court filings wherein he made accusations against lawyers, prosecutors and judges; these filings read like tell-alls.

Early Life and Education

Mary Cerbone is an American attorney specializing in DUI and Divorce cases. She boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and awards to her name – such as receiving the H. Dean Propst Award which recognizes an outstanding faculty member for their excellence in teaching, advising, counseling, encouraging student participation in academic and co-curricular activities, or other significant contributions to student life.

She currently works for Cerbone & Sapp Law Firm located in Savannah, Georgia. This organization primarily engages in General Practice Attorney, Lawyer business/industry operations and employs approximately 8 people at this location.

She loves traveling and visiting family in New York in her free time, indulging in various hobbies like painting and gardening; volunteering is another passion of hers that keeps her active in her community.

Professional Career

Most lawyers would shudder at the thought of spending their careers searching for loopholes that will enable drunk drivers to return to public streets. Savannah DUI attorney Jason Cerbone welcomes this challenge as part of his practice.

He played Jackie Aprile Jr in HBO’s hit series ‘The Sopranos,’ alongside James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Lorraine Bracco. Additionally he’s had roles in Cloverfield and Law & Order: SVU movies.

Cerbone Law’s President is responsible for overseeing its overall operation, management and direction. With years of experience under his belt as an instructor for DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. His clients include various celebrities and sports figures in New York.

Achievement and Honors

Jason Cerbone grew up surrounded by lawyers – from his father being an attorney, mother being a court reporter, and uncle being District Attorney of Effingham County. From day one as an attorney he strived for excellence – never accepting less than victory for his clients.

Jason’s dedication to his clients’ cases is unequaled. Consider one of Jason’s victories in Garden City or Savannah where he successfully convinced a judge to dismiss public indecency charges or DUI cases: his tireless fight for justice sets him apart from other attorneys.

Personal Life

Actor Jason Cerbone has made multiple television and film appearances. He is perhaps best-known for playing Jackie Aprile Jr. on HBO’s The Sopranos and Lorenzo Desappio on Law & Order: SVU; additionally he made an appearance as Mikey O in Paper Soldiers.

State Bar of Georgia officials have taken notice of him, and he is no longer taking new clients since at least August 2022. His sworn affidavits in various counties increased tensions by implicating lawyers, prosecutors, and judges as witnesses against one another.

He was recently seen with actress Jamie Lee Sigler at a New York City restaurant and they appeared to be “acting like children on a date”, according to The New York Observer. It appears they enjoy similar cuisine as well as share common interests.

Net Worth

Jason Cerbone, best known for his roles on HBO’s The Sopranos as Jackie Aprile Jr. and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Lorenzo Desappio from 2012-2016 respectively, as well as Mikey O from Paper Soldiers (2002) and Cloverfield (2008) is an American actor best known for their iconic performances.

He attended Sacred Heart High School and Concordia College in New York before receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology. He is married to Beth Cerbone and they have two children together.

As of 2023, American actor Bradley Cooper had amassed an estimated net worth of over $100 Million. Over his long career he has garnered numerous awards and honors. His acting is widely appreciated by fans worldwide – he boasts an enormous following on Instagram alone!

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