Adam Chromy

Adam Chromy – The Agent o’ the Tinsel

Adam Chromy graduated with a Masters of Management and Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business before spending 10 years working as marketing and sales guru for technology startups. Once he recognized that storytelling was key to translating business ideas into compelling narratives, he switched careers entirely by founding a literary agency focused on value-based narratives.

Early Life and Education

An accidental opportunity led Adam Chromy into the media industry, including writing for TV and movies. While his impressive resume of credits includes television writing gigs as well as film writing jobs, only recently did Pegasus Books ask if he could assist a recent Adaquate graduate with her novela book project. After seeing her literary credentials he took her on as his client – since then she has gone from strength to strength!

Professional Career

Adam Chromy earned a degree in Finance and Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business before starting Artists and Artisans, an agency representing authors with professionalism rarely seen within book publishing.

Adam transformed Artists and Artisans into Movable Type Management/Media in order to provide his clients with greater visibility through film and television adaptations. Now serving as President of Movable Type Media, Adam manages an exclusive list of authors while producing adaptations of their work.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Chromy was an outstanding student throughout high school. After earning a bachelor of science in management and finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business, he went on to establish his sales and marketing guru career for start-up technology companies. After 10 years as sales and marketing guru, Chromy decided to combine storytelling with modern entrepreneurial principles by founding Artists and Artisans Literary Agency before later rebranding it as Movable Type Management/Media to better serve his clients through film adaptations of their works.

Personal Life

Adam Chromy, an alumni of New York University Stern School of Business, spent the first decade of his professional life as a sales and marketing specialist for several technology startups. Through leveraging his passion for narrative to craft powerful tales that could represent his clients’ business interests effectively. After founding Artists and Artisans to represent authors with unprecedented rigor in book industry publishing contracts, Movable Type Management/Media was formed to better serve his clients by offering film/TV adaptations of their works as higher visibility options for their authors’ works.

Adam represents high-concept fiction and nonfiction authors who create brand-driven narratives with broad appeal. As their literary agent, Adam strives to maximize the amount of people reached by their stories.

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