Adam Clement

Adam Clement

Adam Clement is an artist employed by Under Armour who creates intricate illustrations of stadiums and team uniforms with meticulous care.

He is also a licensed professional hunter. As a member of Safari Club International and exhibitor at conventions, he helps fund SAFARI magazine through advertisements. Furthermore, he is happily married with two children.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Clement is not only a professional baseball player; he also works as a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist. With experience treating trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, marital conflict and adjustment issues as well as couples therapy issues; Clement works effectively with couples, families and individuals with various problems including trauma, addiction, anxiety depression personality disorders marital conflict or adjustment issues.

Scott and Clement share many similarities. Both are products of Section V high schools who signed contracts with MLB organizations after graduating, and also happen to play together at Double-A Akron.

At first glance, this accomplishment may seem remarkable considering the low number of minor league teams and lack of Section V alumni making professional baseball rosters; yet when combined with how their high school careers unfolded it becomes even more remarkable.

Achievement and Honors

Clement is part of Under Armour’s Team Sports Design team and designs uniforms for college football and basketball games, as well as for Rio’s Olympic games in August 2016. He oversees creative direction of their team sports line while working closely with athletes to ensure products deliver performance and fit perfectly with their individual athletic requirements.

He has worked at numerous camps, such as Hoop Group Elite, St. John’s University, Five-Star Basketball and Nike Pre-Draft camp.

He also served as an assistant coach at SUNY Potsdam, helping guide them to an NCAA Division II East Region semifinal appearance in 2011. At Cortland SUNY Cortland awarded him with his master’s degree in sports management.

Personal Life

Adam Clement has an immense passion for personal development and health, sharing his experiences and tips with followers on Instagram.

As a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist (LCMFT), he has experience helping couples and families who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Adam joined Local 12 News in October 2012. Born and raised on Cincinnati’s east side, Adam is a graduate of both St. Xavier High School and The Ohio State University.

Net Worth

Adam Clement is an American journalist currently employed as anchor and reporter for WKRC Local 12 News out of Cincinnati, Ohio. He had his initial foray into television news at Ohio State University.

His estimated net worth is $857,746 and has been employed as a journalist for more than 10 years now.

Since October 2012, he has been part of WKRC Local 12 News as both an anchor and reporter.

Adam remains an outwardly prominent American celebrity while still keeping his personal details under wraps, refusing to disclose information such as his age or any details regarding his parents or siblings.

He has become one of the highest-paid journalists and American football players, receiving multiple individual honors throughout his career. Additionally, he was part of one of the richest teams in the National Football League (NFL): Minnesota Vikings.

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