Adam Cognac

Adam Cognac and Cigar Humidor Set

This Lheraud Cognac and Cigar Humidor Set makes an excellent present for anyone who appreciates both high-quality cigars and fine Cognacs, like those with its elegant amber color and exquisite flavor.

Cognac companies are exploring opportunities in the US market and have seen an upsurge in sales after hip-hop artists started featuring it in their songs. This brought it greater exposure amongst consumers.

Early Life and Education

Cognac is an elegant high-proof spirit that pairs perfectly with quality cigars, due to its full flavors and intense aromas that complement those found in premium tobacco smoke.

Cognac stands out from other wines due to its distinctive aging process: at minimum two years for VS to earn its label; four or more for VSOP or five years or more in the case of XO Cognacs.

Planat has joined forces with award-winning bartender Adam Caron to produce a selection of eaux-de-vie designed specifically to be enjoyed as cocktail Cognacs. Their line includes younger “VS” and VSOP Cognacs which pair perfectly with different ingredients, making them particularly suitable for mixed drinks.

Professional Career

Cognac once reigned supreme as the centerpiece of pre-Prohibition cocktail classics such as the French 75 and Mint Julep; now, however, its versatility allows it to play an integral role in many beverages as well as provide an elegant pairing partner with cigars.

Abecassis’ ABK6 and Leyrat brands of Cognac can differentiate themselves by producing their own grape spirits instead of purchasing from affiliated farmers, thus creating Cognacs that truly reflect their local terroir.

For instance, VS cognacs pair perfectly with lively young cheeses. Meukow VS’ floral and honey notes were perfectly in tune with Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farm in Vermont; its floral notes highlighted its spicy citrus notes while not overwhelming it.

Achievement and Honors

Cognac remains one of the world’s premier spirits and widely utilized by some of the top bartenders around the world, such as Portland-based Adam Robinson from Deadshot who uses this spirit in unique cocktails he creates for Deadshot clients.

Planat’s 65% Overproof Cognac was among the 2021 winners of a Gold Award from Bartenders Spirits Awards, selected with Adam Caron to create an exquisite cask strength eaux-de-vie that’s ideal for cocktails.

The Lheraud Carafe Adam Cognac and Cigar Humidor Set is an exquisite cognac designed specifically to pair with luxury cigars. This special cognac boasts strong, intense, yet balanced characteristics in an attractive decanter that is both modern and traditional – an ideal present or treat for yourself! Crafted from Lot Ndeg0934 that was distilled in 1934 but bottle in 2014 after eight decades (80), its aromas include citrus zest, cocoa bean pod, tobacco leaves and citrus peel.

Personal Life

Adam Levy is known as The Alcohol Professor and is the creator of the International Beverage Competition Series. Passionate about wine, beer, spirits and cocktails; Adam frequently holds tastings and visits breweries, distilleries and wineries when not competing in his competitions.

Cognac can be enjoyed straight or mixed into cocktails; younger “VS” and “VSOP” varieties tend to work best for such purposes. Germain Canto of cocktail consultancy Konoisseur recommends it in Jasmine Collins (combining lime juice, jasmine tea, soda water and ginger ale) or Copper Oaked drinks; an Lheraud Carafe Cognac and Cigar Humidor Set would make an excellent present for cigar enthusiasts!

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