Adam Constantine ’10

Adam Constantine ’10

Adam Constantine is currently a social media manager at Elon University, as well as being a former basketball player. With an upbeat and energetic demeanor, Constantine makes an ideal social media manager.

After four years playing overseas, he now uses his unique “dope” approach to storytelling for brands. An accomplished writer and speaker, he has taught both local organizations (LOs) and executive level executives (execs) how to leverage social media effectively for lead generation purposes by leading with their personal brand while using social media effectively for brand engagement and awareness purposes.

Early Life and Education

Constantine was born to a Roman family in Naissus, Moesia Superior (modern-day Serbia). He studied medicine at Europe’s first organized medical school – Salerno University – before entering Monte Cassino monastery and translating Arabic medical books into Latin.

As a young man, he became interested in philosophy and religious thought, leading him to study theology and biblical exegesis.

He became a Christian in 312 and set about spreading Christianity throughout his Empire, passing numerous laws in its name and founding several churches such as Hagia Sophia.

He also addressed Donatist schism, which was an issue for early Christians. Through letters written to those who had left, he encouraged those who had abandoned to return as soon as possible, making clear that any division between Christians would offend God and lead to divine punishment of Christians involved.

Professional Career

Adam Constantine ’10 built ACE Creatives from scratch into a seven-figure agency, but his career as a social media manager began long before. While an undergraduate at Elon, Adam participated in various student media organizations as a film critic for The Pendulum and an account executive with Live Oak Communications.

He remains passionate about telling stories through digital means, as evidenced by his recent joining Elon’s Office of University Communications to oversee its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts while pioneering innovative ways for different departments and organizations across campus to use these tools for storytelling.

His expertise lies in real estate law, where he assists companies with the acquisition, development and financing of commercial real estate assets. He has represented clients in every aspect of real estate transactions from zoning/land use approval through construction, permanent loan funding and mezzanine debt arrangements.

Achievement and Honors

He’s got an exceptional talent for weaving tales both written and visual, which explains why his self-started creative agency ACE Creatives provides clever content for brands.

He made his mark at Elon, earning leadership positions such as film critic for The Pendulum, account executive at Live Oak Communications and president of the Student Athlete Association. On stage he performed in multiple plays earning two Sassy Awards for excellence.

He was also instrumental in leading the Constantine Arts Council, which recently held its 7th annual Sassy Awards in honor of outstanding local stage performances. This event honors Helen Sappho Constantine Brown who worked at her father’s theater during its 1920s run; guests strolled the red carpet before entering to view a collection of lifesize Grecian busts on display inside.

Personal Life

Adam Constantine ’10 led Elon’s men’s basketball team as both on- and off-court leader; now, his dynamic energy is being harnessed differently; as social media manager for the university.

He has harnessed the power of storytelling for digital platforms, using it to bring audiences a variety of engaging content while changing how brands are used on these platforms.

Kayaking has also brought him great happiness; providing an adrenaline rush by playing in the Bay of Fundy near Saint John, New Brunswick. Kayaking provides him with access to nature while providing solitude when necessary – one of few activities in his life which brings true fulfillment.

Net Worth

Adam Constantine is a self-taught storyteller who got his start helping Elon University’s social media team. Over time he has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $28.3 Million as of 21 February 2018. As majority shareholder in Photronics company Photronics he has made several trades including exercising over 400,000 units worth over $2,144,000 of stock worth over $2.144,000. Furthermore, since 2003 Mr Constantine has conducted over 63 trades worth trading his shares.

He established his creative agency, ACE Creatives, with the mission of providing brands with content that would engage audiences. His style is defined by “dope”, with his main objective being taking brands’ stories and turning them into something both exciting and enjoyable for audiences.

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