Adam Craven

Adam Craven

Adam Craven is an accomplished tattoo artist with extensive experience at some of the top shops. Specializing in bold designs with clean edges, Adam excels at any style.

Craven’s papers largely went unnoticed during his lifetime due to lack of rigorous clinical trial protocols available at that time. Yet his writings demonstrate his passion and dedication towards learning and medical progress.

Early Life and Education

Adam Craven was born in Norwich Connecticut on October 18th 1988 and raised in Gales Ferry until graduating with his Bachelor of Arts from University of Connecticut in 2002. Since then he has earned both Master of Science and Doctorate of Pharmacy degrees from Southern New Hampshire University.

Craven first made waves as a director with his groundbreaking and genre-bending horror flick Scream (1996, which launched its successful franchise of the same name). Renowned for genre bending and innovative horror cinema, he quickly established himself with new talent such as Johnny Depp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Sharon Stone and Meryl Streep (Music of the Heart 1999).

As an accomplished tattoo artist, he can be found working at many of Seattle’s iconic shops such as P.A. Stephen’s Electric Rose and Seattle Tattoo Emporium formerly Zeke Owen’s Tradewinds Tattoo.

Professional Career

Adam Craven has been working in the tattoo industry for seven years. During this time he has gained experience at some of Seattle’s premier shops such as P.A. Stephen’s Electric Rose and Seattle Tattoo Emporium (formerly Zeke Owens Tradewinds Tattoo). Adam specializes in clean yet bold tattoo designs while being adept in any style of tattoo art.

He attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Bachelor’s of Biology within three years, then attended medical school at Galveston’s UTMB before achieving MD status four years later.

He holds two professional designations – Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). Furthermore, he is a member of NAIFA.

Achievement and Honors

Craven found success on the sports field as well. He led his team to three straight Codfish Bowl championships – one of the premier college hockey tournaments – while also competing in NCAA Division III ice skating competitions.

Even with meetings cancelled due to COVID-19, FHGC managed to treat two scholarship recipients to lunch as recognition of their efforts this year. Here are pictures of them with their certificates:

Grace Kirby was awarded the FHGC Scholarship after impressing FHGC Scholarship Chairperson DiAnne McEwen during New Bern High School graduation ceremonies. Grace will attend University of North Carolina Chapel Hill this fall majoring in Agriculture Education. FHGC Scholarship Chairperson DiAnne McEwen proudly presented it and this photo shows an extremely happy and proud Grace accepting it!

Personal Life

Craven was not formally trained as a scientist; nonetheless he conducted extensive research on the effects of acetylsalicylic acid. Though his work was sometimes criticized for lacking statistical power, methods for more rigorous clinical trials were still evolving in the 1950s; furthermore his cohort sizes were considerable and his arguments supported by extensive literature reviews.

His family will remember him fondly for his courage, sense of adventure, and passion for West Virginia. He will be greatly missed. Funeral services were held November 24 at Eackles-Spencer & Norton Funeral Home at 256 Halltown Road Harpers Ferry WV 25425 with visitation held an hour beforehand; donations may also be made in lieu of flowers to Meals on Wheels Jefferson County.

Net Worth

He is an esteemed politician with an attractive salary and impressive net worth thanks to hard work and effort. Known for making bold comments in politics, this politician has managed to establish himself and earn respect in the industry.

He prefers to keep his personal life private and does not disclose information regarding his relationship status to the general public. He has been dating someone for some time now and seems content in their current relationship.

Hockey Player and has amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million at this time. His career is immensely successful and will no doubt yield even greater gains over time.

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