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A Cole County Jury Awards $3.3 Million to Adam Crumbliss

JEFFERSON CITY — A Cole County jury awarded a former legislative analyst who sued Missouri for disability discrimination and unlawful retaliation with a $3.3 million award. Adam Crumbliss, former Missouri House of Representatives clerk was accused of firing the analyst after they requested workplace accommodations.

Adam Crumbliss stands out in state government by serving six Speakers during his time as Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives – something many legislators elect him for.

Early Life and Education

Adam Crumbliss, born and educated in Jefferson City and Missouri State, witnessed history unfold when he became chief clerk for Missouri House 18 years ago. This unique position allowed him to witness six Speakers come through before him while providing him with almost twice the legislative experience as those he serves in office.

Kari Monsees, deputy commissioner of the Office of Childhood at DESE, highlights consolidating childhood programs under DESE as her greatest achievement. Additionally, access to COVID-19 relief funds for schools as well as fully funding foundation formula with $8.5 million are other notable victories she credits herself with achieving.

She worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to protect legislative staff and interns from sexual harassment by an ex-employee, David Poger. Both Houses took extraordinary steps by seeking a restraining order against him.

Professional Career

Crumbliss began his 18-year tenure with the House 18 years ago and was elected to his current role in 2006. He serves as COO and SPA of the House; unlike lawmaker positions he does not vote in legislative processes but his position remains one of the most powerful positions within state government.

Crumbliss recently won a $3.3 million judgment in her disability discrimination and retaliation suit against the Missouri House of Representatives and an employee working as an analyst, finding that they failed to accommodate his disabilities, then fired him after he threatened to bring complaints before Missouri Commission on Human Rights.

Crumbliss currently works for the State Of Missouri as the Chief Division Director & Director of Community Health, earning an annual salary of $101,438, per public records. He resides in Jefferson City, MO.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Crumbliss was at a crossroads after graduating Missouri State University with a legislative internship: law school or public service? In the end he chose the latter and now ranks among one of the youngest chief clerks nationwide.

As part of his role, he can witness history unfold first-hand. Serving under six Speakers of the House has given him unparalleled access to legislative decisions made. Sometimes even more so than the lawmakers he elects.

After deliberating all night, a Cole County jury awarded $2.02 million against D. Adam Crumbliss, former Missouri House Chief Clerk for disability discrimination and retaliatory discharge in a civil suit filed by Dashtaki Law Firm LLC of Jefferson City and Nimrod Chapel from Chapel Law Group on Saturday morning.

Personal Life

Crumbliss and his family have long been well known in Jefferson City. His wife and three children reside here as well.

Crumbliss enjoys spending his free time with family and friends as well as traveling.

Adam Crumbliss currently resides in Jefferson City, Missouri and works for State Of Missouri as part of their Government Administration industry. A 2009 graduate from Missouri State University with a B.S in Public Administration.

Since 2001, he has served as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Parliamentary Advisor of the House of Representatives. In this position he has witnessed history being made first-hand while often possessing more legislative experience than many of those elected directly to represent them.

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