Adam Dewhirst

Framestore VFX Supervisor Adam Dewhirst

Framestore, an Oscar-winning visual effects studio, requires its employees to be at the top of their game if they wish to succeed in their roles, so when 3D modeller Adam Dewhirst speaks up about VFX it’s worth listening in on.

He once created a series of gargoyles out of white tack, depicting himself and highlighting his moral bankruptcy by compromising ethics and creativity for financial gain.

Early Life and Education

Charles Dewhirst was born on the specified month day and birth place. He had three siblings – Edward Dewhirst as well as two additional ones.

Dewhirst graduated from William Woods University (WWU) in Fulton, Missouri in 2005 as a starting setter and right-side hitter, earning First Team All-Conference, Academic All-Conference, Region V Setter of the Week honors as well as WWU Student-Athlete of the Year accolades during his collegiate career.

Colorado Mines was led by Colorado Mines Head Coach Rob Miller to win their sixth RMAC regular season title and 10th straight NCAA Tournament appearance this year. Individually, Drew Stokes earned three RMAC Setter of the Year honors while Amanda Donais made her way onto the second team of AVCA All-America honors. Furthermore, Colorado Mines set one program record and edited 11 entries into their record book during this campaign.

Professional Career

Adam Dewhirst is an award-winning 3D modeler who has worked at world renowned post production houses such as Framestore, Cinesite, MPC Mill Film Passion Pictures DNEG London among many others. He has credits on films like The Golden Compass WWZ Hobbs Shaw Guardians of the Galaxy while currently acting as Build Supervisor with DNEG London.

Adam Dewhirst is an Oscar-winning modeler and has become an invaluable part of Escape Studios in London since joining as a visual effects academy instructor. In this webinar hosted by Escape Studios (opens in new tab), Adam discusses speed sculpting – something central to his career advancement as a 3D artist. Speed sculpting quickly has been crucial in his development as an artist as models at large VFX houses tend to get reused due to budget limitations – so their polygon topologies become digital doubles in other shots reusing their polygon topologies becomes vital in producing high quality VFX work.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Dewhirst is an Academy Award-winning CG modeler who has contributed his expertise on several VFX films such as The Golden Compass, World War Z, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Maleficent Clash of Titans & John Carter of Mars as well as children’s TV and commercials. Additionally he was lead modeler at Framestore Cinesite Mill Film DNeg MPC as well as leading their Creatures & Characters Team at UNIT Studios.

Recently, he gave a webinar outlining how his team created 13 characters for the Netflix show Tidelands. He discussed methods used by them as they transferred new topology onto existing models.

Personal Life

Adam Dewhirst is a Build Supervisor for London-based visual effects company DNEG and boasts 15 years of experience working on games, films, commercials and commercial projects ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy and World War Z to The Dark Knight and Bafta Awards.

He lives with his wife, Mary and son Bruce as well as Minnie their beloved cat.

He is descended from Charles Dewhirst and Sophia Mary Dewhurst who were both born in Barrow, Yorkshire – West Riding England; Maude Lora Dewhirst (nee Colclasure) was his mother; two of her sisters include Pauline Traughber and Arlington Fred Dewhirst as well as six grandchildren. Additionally he belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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