Adam Dinsmore

Adam Dinsmore, Attorney at Law

Adam Dinsmore draws upon his accounting and taxation expertise to provide audit, attestation and other services to families and businesses in his community. His primary goal is helping these organizations thrive.

Last month, Boulder District Court Judge Judith LaBuda handed Adam Densmore a life sentence plus 12 years on charges of first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and corpse abuse.

Early Life and Education

Adam Dinsmore graduated from Covington Latin High School at age 16 before enlisting in the Army and serving three years overseas in Europe before enrolling at University of Cincinnati Law School to become an attorney.

He was a member of the American Medical Association, Western Trauma Society, Omaha Orthopedic Society and West Omaha Rotary Club; additionally serving on the boards for Methodist, Clarkson and Lutheran Hospitals in Omaha.

He was the son of Elias Debusk Dinsmore and Malinda Dinsmore and married Hannah Leach Dinsmore, with whom he had two children before she passed away in 1842. Additionally, Sally Taylor (born around 1810) may have been associated with him from Louisiana records – this relationship resulted in Sally moving with her children back to Kentucky later.

Professional Career

Adam Dinsmore provides guidance and assistance to individuals, families, and closely held businesses regarding estate planning, tax, real estate and nonprofit matters. Additionally, he assists charitable organizations with formation, tax exemption application and administration processes, while often handling complex residential real estate cases.

At Densmore’s trial, it was revealed that he had written in his journal extensively about wanting Mead dead and hurting her as a child. According to Densmore’s statements during trial proceedings, he killed Mead at their Boulder apartment before driving her body parts across Louisiana where he dismembered them further before disposing of them in various locations around Louisiana.

Jonathon Kram and Adam Dinsmore of the Wellcome Trust’s Evaluation Unit advocate against any biases towards publishing certain results that impede scientific advancement. They note that any perceived or actual restrictions to writing up and publishing results would hamper scientific progress.

Achievement and Honors

Dinsmore followed his military success into teaching at Trinity-Pawling and eventually became dorm parent until retirement.

In 2015, he was honored as the defensive MVP in the Western Hockey Atlantic Conference for averaging 3.2 tackles and 1.5 sacks per game and starting all 18 matches as a starter.

However, his journal entries about plotting or wanting the death of Mead were enough for police to arrest and convict him for her murder. Since his incarceration he is being featured on Lifetime’s Sleeping with a Killer series which airs Monday nights at 10/9c; this show follows stories about people whose fateful relationships ended tragically at the hands of partners or lovers who turned against them.

Personal Life

After graduating from RIT, Dinsmore decided to return to Trinity-Pawling as a teacher. His passion for history has helped him teach it effectively while serving on Trinity-Pawling’s board of trustees.

He has also become a regular guest on Lifetime’s Sleeping with a Killer series, which tells the stories of people whose deaths were attributable to significant others, friends or lovers. One such case covered by Sleeping with a Killer was Ashley Mead whose disappearance ultimately led Adam Densmore – her ex-partner at the time – being arrested and eventually being found guilty for her killing.

He revealed in his journal that he hoped she would commit suicide, and attempted to persuade her to do so. Later, during a phone call to police he admitted telling this information directly to her.

Net Worth

Dinsmore oversaw the company’s remarkable transformation from $900 million to over 1.8 billion during his time there, due primarily to expanding their rail network and purchasing additional railroads.

Adam Densmore was found guilty of killing and dismembering Ashley Mead, his former love. At trial, it was discovered that Densmore had written in his journal that he desired Mead to die; authorities also discovered he took her body parts back home with him from Louisiana to Oklahoma via phone records; eventually being tracked down via surveillance footage at Walmart in Oklahoma where his phone records showed up he was being sold items there and eventually being arrested by custody violation officers.

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