Adam Gorb

Adam Gorb

Adam Gorb is an established composer of orchestral, chamber, and solo works that have been performed across North America, South Korea and Europe. Many of his compositions can be heard at live performances by orchestras such as Boston Philharmonic and Seattle Symphony.

Humorous anecdotes from his trombone concerto Downtown Diversions demonstrate his sense of wit. Furthermore, Anya17 explores klezmer music as well as Ukrainian roots with its exploration of sexual slavery.

Early Life and Education

Adam Gorb was born in 1958 and started writing music by age 10. After attending Cambridge with Hugh Wood and Robin Holloway as mentors, and later with Paul Patterson at the Royal Academy of Music where he earned an MMus degree, Gorb went on to write extensively during his studies there and elsewhere.

He excels at writing music for wind ensembles and has received three British Composer Awards. His works range from his high-spirited post-Bernstein Overture Awayday to more contemplative works such as Scenes from Bruegel and Towards Nirvana.

Cog Railroad was inspired by Finnish driver Ari Vatanen driving his car up Pikes Peak. This movement features chugging motifs and runs in woodwinds that emulate mountain terrain. Adam has collaborated extensively with librettist Ben Kaye on many Oratorios and Operas.

Professional Career

Professor Gorb’s orchestral, ensemble, chamber, solo, and choral compositions have been performed, broadcast, and recorded all over the world. Currently he serves as Head of Composition at Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music.

He collaborates closely with librettist Ben Kaye on projects ranging from oratorios to operas. Their most recent collaboration, The Farthest Shore – a protest cantata about Refugees in the UK – received international BBC broadcasts as well as performances across the UK, Continental Europe and Canada.

Recent works include A Celebration for cello and Velocity for piano Clare Hammond of the Northern Chamber Orchestra. He has also written Beggars Belief song cycle for Australian saxophonist Katia Beaugeais as well as her concerto Long Distance Call on Saxophone; these will both premiere at various UK summer festivals as well as US festivals during 2022.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Gorb is an established composer who has won multiple prestigious British Composer Awards. His works have been performed and recorded worldwide by ensembles such as the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Maggini Quartet, BBC Singers and Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble; also seen at contemporary music festivals in Huddersfield, Cheltenham, Hampstead & Highgate Spitalfields Canterbury among many others.

He has composed solo, chamber, choral and orchestral works as well as numerous concertos – his Metropolis concert band work being awarded with a Walter Beeler Memorial Prize from the USA in 1994.

He has composed for an array of instruments and is highly-regarded as a teacher of composition, having inspired many of his former students into successful careers as professional composers in both the UK and overseas. Currently he leads the School of Composition at Royal Northern College of Music Manchester.

Personal Life

Gorb was widely respected as both an astute businessperson and pioneering design management professor, but he also championed Hampstead, fighting off development plans for McDonald’s and mobile phone stores in Swiss Cottage. Additionally, he made it a point to save the New End Hospital buildings, campaigned hard to save the New End Cemetery grounds, and had long been friends with Ham&High editor Gerry Isaman.

As an accomplished composer, his orchestral, ensemble, chamber, solo and choral works have been performed, broadcast and recorded worldwide. They feature inventive brilliance with pulsating sound worlds embracing jazz and serialism – works that fuse power, poetry, irony and pathos into works with dynamic power dynamics. He currently serves on the faculty at Royal Northern College of Music Manchester while being an external examiner for Colchester Institute’s music degree course as an external examiner; additionally he regularly visits universities and music schools from America Canada Japan

Net Worth

Gorb is a well-known eSports Player with an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million, much of it obtained through gaming as his primary career.

He has built up over 30,000 followers for his Gorb channel on Twitch, as well as being an active YouTuber who regularly uploads content related to Fortnite and has amassed 370,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Gorb prefers not to discuss his romantic relationships publicly and is currently single; we will provide updates regarding his height and weight soon. Gorb is a United States citizen.

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