Adam Gorlyn

Adam Gorlyn

Adam Gorlyn is a Manhattan residential real estate developer and investor. His specialty lies in purchasing rent-stabilized apartments before renovating them for rental purposes. Furthermore, Adam serves as a core faculty member at University of Pittsburgh’s VA CoIN addiction medicine program.

Mr. Gorlyn currently serves as Vice President at Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions’ sovereign funds and supranationals group, having previously served as fixed income portfolio specialist with them.

Early Life and Education

Adam Lindsay Gordon was born at Cheltenham, England to Adam Durnford Gordon – a retired captain from Bengal cavalry – and Harriet, both comfortably-off. As early as age five Adam showed an interest in horse-racing and poetry. His interests also extended to social reform.

As soon as he arrived in Australia on 14 November 1853, he joined the South Australian mounted police, serving at Penola and Mount Gambier before resigning on 4 November 1855 to pursue a career as a drover, though later taking up horse breaking in the south-east district of the state.

He is widely credited with coining the term ‘Australian bushman’. Queen Elizabeth II quoted one of his poems titled, “Kindness in another’s trouble, courage in one’s own” during her 1992 Christmas message and Dingley Dell is now home to a museum dedicated to him.

Professional Career

Adam Gorlyn has over 15 years of experience working in the financial services industry. At Franklin Templeton Investments he manages various fixed income strategies on behalf of insurance and U.S. pension funds as well as sovereign wealth funds and central banks. Adam also serves as Director at City National Rochdale. Located in New York NY with work email he currently is 49 years old.

His current address is 160 E 84th St, New York NY 10028.

Personal Life

Gorlyn enjoys more than finance; he also loves traveling and snowboarding. Based in Florida with his wife and two energetic dogs as his family unit, his time away from work can often be found with them, their two boxer dogs or playing tennis or golf with them all!

He serves as solutions portfolio manager at Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions and specializes in fixed income strategies for sovereign wealth funds, central banks and official institutions.

Gordon’s poetry has also inspired other forms of art, including Australian impressionist painter Arthur Streeton and 1916 silent film. His poem “The Swimmer” served as libretto for English composer Sir Edward Elgar’s song cycle Sea Pictures’ fifth movement “Kindness in another’s trouble, courage in one’s own”. A suburb in Canberra – Australia’s capital city – was named after him.

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