Adam Gresham

Adam Gresham is a Leading Respiratory Therapist in VALLEJO, CA

Gresham is an established respiratory therapist in VALLEJO, CA who takes great pride in changing patients’ lives through his field. He boasts an exemplary work ethic and serves as a great team leader.

Adam Gresham is running for a seat on the Jefferson City School Board because too many graduates leave high school unprepared to enter the workforce, military or college. He contends this needs to change.

Early Life and Education

Adam Gresham grew up playing sports in Jefferson City before graduating high school and attending the Naval Academy. Later he served in the Marine Corps as both an infantry and intelligence officer.

Gresham is an outgoing people person who thrives when working in teams and forming relationships. He has held several state government roles, such as acting deputy secretary for public authorities, financing and housing.

Gresham currently works as the chief of staff to Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe and admires his pragmatic approach to issues as one of his favorite qualities. Gresham volunteers for Project ADAM which works to bring AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to schools and communities by raising money for these devices.

Professional Career

Adam works closely with business owners and their management teams as they navigate complex business transitions. He prides himself in creating transactions that clients can understand easily, creating order and clarity around processes, agreements, and information.

Jermaine Gresham may not have been an integral component of Arizona Cardinals high-octane offense last season, but he still managed to be productive for the team. When free agency season arrived this offseason and several teams offered big money deals including Bears and Jets; Gresham chose instead to sign on with Cardinals on a one-year contract agreement.

Adam currently works on the Gresham Dynamic Commodity Strategies team as part of their Industrial Metals Investment Policy division, having previously specialized in developing trading and risk models as part of Core Platform Group as well as data pipelines for Gresham.

Achievement and Honors

Gresham hails from Jefferson City and currently works as Chief of Staff to Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe. In April 2022 he plans to run for one of two openings on the Jefferson City school board election ballot.

He serves as a non-executive director in several companies and has extensive experience in corporate restructuring, insolvency and fraud matters – acting as receiver under charity act legislation and liquidator under proceeds of crime laws in multiple jurisdictions. His client list includes not-for-profit organisations, banks and financial services businesses, pension plans and retail outlets.

She is a frequent speaker on issues pertaining to income taxation, social policy and legal education both nationally and internationally. Additionally, she has published works related to charitable contribution deductions in law journals which has earned her several citations.

Personal Life

Gresham is married to Ashley from Jefferson City and they enjoy hunting together and following Tennessee football together. Additionally, he’s an avid follower of ROH wrestling.

He currently works as a trainer for Duke University volleyball and men’s track and field programs, having graduated with his BA in Athletic Training from The Ohio State University.

He currently belongs to the Ring of Honor Elite Division and has won many titles including ROH Pure Champion and World Tag Team Champion alongside Matt Blunt. Additionally, he competed in many tournaments such as ROH Royal Rumble. As part of The Foundation alongside Jay Lethal and Tracy Williams he also has one daughter, Abigail.

Net Worth

Gresham is an outstanding option at tight end and has proven his effectiveness at filling that role. Last season alone he caught 18 passes while performing well both run blocking and screen pass blocking duties.

He has experience working on steep slope cable harvesting, marketing and value recovery initiatives. Additionally, he is a shareholder and director of Forest360 which offers timber processing, sawmilling and post manufacturing services in New Zealand.

Gresham Partners, LLC is led by Ben A. Beavers who currently manages $7.25 billion of regulatory assets across 177 clients spanning pooled investment vehicles, IRAs, 401(k) accounts and other investments. Based in Chicago Illinois with registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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