Adam Guice

Adam Guice – Redskins Rookie Running Back

LSU running back Derrius Guice did not practice with the Washington Redskins this week as he recovers from an ACL injury sustained during a training camp game earlier in August.

The NFL conducted an inquiry into allegations that an NFL team asked a college football player if he or she was gay; their investigation did not find evidence to back these claims up.

Early Life and Education

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Guice had been starting as running back for the Washington Football Team this season before suffering an injury against Atlanta Falcons on December 8. Shortly thereafter he was released.

Professional Career

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Derrius Guice of LSU stands out as an impressive talent prior to being sidelined with knee injuries in the NFL. Once considered an early first-round talent in his draft year, but dropped down into Washington’s hands late in round two before finally being picked up.

Redskins coaches hope he can return to his collegiate form and become an integral component of their backfield, but veteran players such as Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson could become his priority on the depth chart, while it remains uncertain how long he’ll remain healthy.

Achievement and Honors

As well as being named top coach of men’s basketball, he was honored by the university with both Klip and McKay awards for service and leadership respectively. Additionally, he received Hans and Fran Groenhoff Scholarship in Art and Art History which is awarded only to students majoring in those fields. Antelope High School in Jack County Texas honored him by holding an annual tournament named in his honor which draws top college teams from across the nation each November 1st weekend in his name in his name and dedicated entirely to him – honorary doctorate awarded upon him from Antelope High School who awarded him honorary doctorate from Texas who held tournament each November 1st weekend to remember him.

Personal Life

Guice was considered one of the top running backs available in this year’s draft but has not seen full action for LSU so far this season due to an injury suffered during their win against Mississippi State last week and since has been limited in his playing time.

Two women accused him of secretly taking photos without their knowledge and showing them to teammates, which he denied. These allegations garnered national media coverage and caused some NFL teams to consider forgoing him as an agent.

Bobby Lee Guice of Asheville survives her, along with their four children Tara Hurst, Adam Guice, Tyler Littrell and Beth Adcock; 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. A memorial service will be held this coming Sunday.

Net Worth

Redskins manager Jay Gruden believes Guice will join the veterans at some point during training camp, citing his fast learning capabilities. Gruden also anticipates using both Guice and Thompson in rotation this season; one resembles Marshawn Lynch while the other serves more as a pass catcher.

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