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Three Days Grace’s Adam Gunter Performs With From Ashes to New

Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace joined Shinedown’s 2022 Explosions Tour: From Ashes to New for two songs at their Huntsville, Alabama show on Wednesday night – in an extremely rare appearance that took place as part of Shinedown’s From Ashes to New 2022 Explosions Tour with From Ashes Tour 2022.

On the surface, Chief Allan Adam’s arrest by RCMP officers outside Boomtown Casino in Fort McMurray on March 10 may appear harsh: He cussed out and threatened a first officer on scene repeatedly goading him into fighting while declining multiple requests from officers for him to return back into his truck.

Early Life and Education

Gunter hails from a small town in North Texas. At Gunter High School he excelled at football and was offered scholarships from multiple schools; ultimately selecting Nevada due to its coaches, campus environment and team culture.

Erlangen-born Gunter studied mathematics and physics at various German universities including Erlangen, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Berlin before graduating as a doctor of Philosophy with his thesis entitled ‘On Observing Structures from Natural Images in Weissenburg (Bavaria). While working on his habilitation thesis political events interrupted his work. Returning to Munich after these interruptions were resolved he continued teaching geography until his retirement – creating practical inventions such as Gunter’s chain for surveying purposes or his Gunter scale, which provided logarithmic divisions on large plane scales to multiply and divide numbers more quickly.

Professional Career

Adam Gunter owns and operates a private criminal defense practice in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, representing individuals charged with state or federal crimes. With extensive experience representing clients in investigations and trials related to drugs, money laundering, fraud and firearms – as well as domestic violence matters and trafficking of children – Adam has extensive representation experience for clients facing state or federal prosecution.

Gunter, currently on loan from Chelsea, could become a potential replacement for other defenders set to become free agents at the end of this season – including fellow Welshman Kenny Clark who has yet to decide on taking up his fifth-year option.

Gunter was once an accomplished rock vocalist, best known for his work with Three Days Grace (three-time platinum Canadian group) and later leading Saint Asonia before joining Dividedby.

Achievement and Honors

Gunter has been an integral member of Wales since his under-17 debut and made his full international debut in 2007. Since then he has featured at three FIFA World Cup tournaments, UEFA Euro 2016, 2022, as well as their three matches at 2023 FIFA World Cup – garnering him 109 caps so far! Only Gareth Bale holds more caps for Wales.

He graduated from Lynchburg with a bachelor’s degree in history and museum studies, with her research on Pierre Daura–namesake of Lynchburg’s art gallery–earning a Westover Senior Thesis Award.

He’s taking part in the Navy’s Training With Industry program, where he spends one year working at The Home Depot as part of his Supply Chain Management degree. He finds it particularly enjoyable sharing his military experiences with colleagues at an organization which shares its values-based principals with armed forces personnel.

Personal Life

Adam Gunter is a retired professional soccer player who represented Wales internationally, amassing 109 caps over his illustrious career – the highest total ever by any Welsh player! Gunter helped lead Wales to reach the semi-finals at UEFA Euro 2016, reaching his 109th cap during this journey.

He is married with two sons and three grandchildren, as well as being an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He lives in Davis, California. He is currently the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Saint Asonia rock band as well as being an ex-member of Three Days Grace. Over ten years ago he joined Art of Dying, Breaking Benjamin and Apocalyptica before opening up The Machine as his music studio.

Net Worth

Adam Wade Gontier is a well-renowned Canadian singer, music producer and songwriter. Currently he’s part of Saint Asonia as well as three days grace and has amassed an extensive female fan following due to his good looks and tall frame. Working alongside numerous musicians he has won two BMI awards as well as Billboard’s Rock Single of the Year honor.

Adam developed an addiction to OxyContin and sought treatment in Toronto at a rehabilitation facility; writing songs like ‘Gone Forever’ and ‘Never Too Late’ during this time; it has since been featured in the docu-drama ‘Behind The Pain’. When they decided to split, Adam launched Sludge Factory Records as his music production company of choice.

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