Adam Gwaltney

Adam Gwaltney, Partner at Nixon Peabody LLP

Adam Gwaltney is a partner at Nixon Peabody LLP. His specializations include mergers and acquisitions as well as public finance practice areas of the firm. Adam is also an active member of both the American and Rhode Island bar associations.

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Early Life and Education

Adam Gwaltney was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana. He attended Madison Heights High School from 1985-1987 before graduating with his accounting degree from Anderson University the same year. That same year, Adam married Tana Wardwell from whom they have one child together: Jordan. Currently Adam works as a commercial insurance specialist at Ritman & Associates Inc in Markleville while Tana works at North Christian Church as secretary.

Nixon Peabody LLP in Boston and Providence, Rhode Island employed him as a partner who practiced mergers and acquisitions and public finance law. Additionally, he served as president of The Ebony Black Officers Association’s board of trustees as well as trustee of Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis.

Professional Career

Adam Gwaltney is a partner at Nixon Peabody LLP’s Boston and Providence offices in Rhode Island. He works in both the mergers and acquisitions and public finance practice areas at both locations, representing both private and public companies in transaction matters, while also advising local governments and other entities regarding tax-exempt bond issuances. Gwaltney graduated with his undergraduate degree from University of Rhode Island before earning a law degree at Boston College.

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Personal Life

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David is a member of both the American and Rhode Island Bar Associations as well as the National Association of Bond Lawyers. Additionally, he sits on the board of University of Rhode Island Foundation.

He lives with his wife, Vivian Kolenda Gwaltney and their four children: Troy Gwaltney, Ryan Gwaltney, Suzanne (Nathan) Bell and Theresa (Rick) Hayes. In addition, Riley Clark Gwaltney was his son. Riley Clark Gwaltney was born October 3, 1901 in Taylorsville NC (Alexander County) and died March 13 1991 residing in Forsyth County buried at St Ambrose Catholic Cemetery.

Net Worth

As well as his professional success, he enjoys spending time with his family. Together he and his wife have two children whom they spend their free time traveling, golfing and water skiing with. Additionally, he is involved with numerous charitable organizations; including American, Rhode Island, Boston College Law School bar associations as well as National Association of Bond Lawyers; his estimated net worth is in the millions; known for being generous philanthropist having made donations to numerous charitable causes across Rhode Island; it also earned him multiple bar association memberships & Boston College Law School bar associations membership as well.

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