Adam Handler

Adam Handler – Artist, Actor, Comedian and Producer

Adam Handler of New York spent many hours at his grandparents’ frame factory in Queens as a child, which fostered his love of art and inspired him to major in art history at Purchase College.

Handler has become internationally known for his vibrant, youthful paintings that capture childhood innocence using acrylic paint, oil sticks, pencils and markers. His exhibits have been shown around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Adam Handler began his artistic journey early, spending hours in his grandparents’ framing factory and later studying life drawing at Italy. Later still he graduated with an Art History degree from Purchase College New York.

He has shown his works internationally, studied craft design with Jorge Nieves and printing color photography under Debra Mesa-Pelly, among other notable educators.

As an author, Lemony Snicket has published numerous novels under this pen name, chronicling the lives of three Baudelaire siblings as they endure a series of unfortunate events that only add insult to injury.

Professional Career

Adam Handler is an esteemed attorney in New York who assists individuals with legal matters of all sorts. Known for his unwavering work ethic and unflagging advocacy on their behalf, Adam Handler is well respected throughout his community.

His area of expertise includes Personal Injury: General Plaintiff, Workers’ Compensation: Claimant and Motor Vehicle Accidents. He assists his clients to secure maximum compensation possible for their injuries.

After graduating from Dickinson College, he went to law school at Widener University in Harrisburg and is a member of both the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and Pennsylvania Association of Justice board of governors. Additionally, he was recently honored as one of New York’s 2018-2023 Super Lawyers and listed among their list of top rated attorneys.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Handler is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist known for his striking paintings that express naive chaos through themes of loneliness, imagination and isolation.

He has shown his work at several exhibitions worldwide. Some notable exhibitions are Twinkling Unknowns at Cohle Gallery in Paris (2021); D’Stassi Art London in 2020; Under Softer Summer Skies Artual Gallery Beirut 2019 (under Softer Summer Skies Artual Gallery Beirut 2019; New Girls Janet Lehr Fine Art New York 2019 and Rarity Gallery Greece 2019. These are only some examples.

2022 Governor’s Arts Award for Folk Arts in West Virginia winner, his storytelling blends traditional mountain folklore, music, and contemporary Appalachia into his cinematic storytelling style that is both humorous and heartbreaking – having been inspired by generations of diverse storytellers from West Virginia.

Personal Life

Adam Handler is an internationally acclaimed painter known for his vibrant and playful paintings created with acrylic paint, oil stick, pencils and markers.

As an established painter, he studied life drawing in Italy before enrolling at Purchase College to earn his art history degree. Furthermore, he studied craft design with Jorge Nieves and color photography under Debra Mesa-Pelly’s guidance.

As part of his restaurant group’s sustainable ethos, he collaborated with VINOLEA winery and oil mill in Cordoba, Spain to craft world-class olive oils and sherry vinegar for launch in June 2016. Additionally, his flagship, The Frog and Eve bar in Covent Garden was established with full commitment to reducing food waste.

Net Worth

Adam Handler boasts an estimated net worth of $440 Million. As an actor, comedian, and producer.

At least for now. He has made his fortune through standup comedy, movies, commercials, television shows and philanthropy.

His net worth will likely continue to increase as he generates income through various ventures. He boasts an impressive real estate portfolio with multiple homes throughout the nation that adds significant value.

As one of the world’s best-known and highly acclaimed comedians, he has amassed an estimated net worth of $15 Million through standup comedy performances and book writing. Most well known for his appearance on Chelsea Lately as well as Netflix shows which generate annual royalties totalling $10 Million, his annual earnings total have skyrocketed over time.

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