Adam Kahn

Adam Kahn

Adam Kahn is a legal expert specializing in environmental law. His practice spans local, state and national jurisdictions as he represents clients across all aspects of environmental and energy regulation law.

He specializes in real estate and land use/development matters, with extensive expertise in redeveloping brownfield sites.

Early Life and Education

Kahn was a native New Yorker born in Flatbush, Brooklyn during the final years of the Great Depression. Due to a heart condition that prevented his mother from going out to work as a teacher, she stayed home to raise him instead.

He attended Queens College and City College before going on to earn his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering in 1960. That same year he started graduate studies at Princeton University.

Adam offers legal consulting and law instruction at Hofstra University’s Saturday Scholar’s Academy and serves as a senior fellow with the Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy. Additionally, he facilitates discussion seminars while planning and implementing programs aimed at informing community members about health care decision-making issues.

Professional Career

Adam Kahn is an attorney with extensive knowledge in community association law, providing assistance for cooperative, condominium and homeowner associations when facing legal, financial and commercial challenges. His practical, comprehensive advice meets each of his client’s unique requirements.

His client-centric approach produces efficient and effective outcomes for associations. He attends regular board meetings to offer common sense solutions and assist associations in resolving governance challenges.

John has extensive experience representing employers in cases involving discrimination, wage and hour disputes, California PAGA claims, sexual and racial harassment, wrongful termination and whistleblower litigation. Additionally, he has represented them before the California Labor Commission and Department of Fair Employment and Housing in hearings regarding such matters.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kahn is a well-recognized attorney who specializes in Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources Law matters. In addition, Adam provides representation for Real Estate & Land Use matters as well as corporate/governmental transactions for clients.

As a leader of the legal community, he has earned praise from his peers for his knowledge of law and professional work ethic. In 2013, he earned his Juris Doctor degree with merit at Hofstra University School of Law.

Kahn has held leadership roles on multiple committees and publications at Hofstra University: Advanced Research Committee, Hofstra Law Review associate editorship and Elder Law Society founding membership. In addition, he serves as senior fellow with Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy (GItenstein IHLP).

Personal Life

Kahn was known to possess a powerful charisma that often made his work appear unconventional in relation to traditional building styles. This could explain his uncompromising personality which may have manifested itself through his work.

As it happens, he was raised in an impoverished family and received only minimal formal education. But he took an early interest in art and began drawing sketches using burnt twigs and matches as tools to produce sketches that depicted life on Earth.

He then pursued architecture studies at the University of Pennsylvania under Paul Philippe Cret, who imparted to his pupils an appreciation of Beaux-Arts principles as form-giving forces.

He made an important contribution to modernism by incorporating ancient elements into his designs without compromising its clarity of style. He constructed numerous iconic buildings such as the Yale Center for British Art, Exeter Academy Library and Jonas Salk Institute.

Net Worth

Adam Khan reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million, thanks to his successful career in entertainment and his widespread recognition and praise from peers and the press alike.

He has appeared in a wide variety of movies and television shows, and also provides voice-over work for video games.

Talented actor, he has made his mark through roles in films like Skyscraper and Fast & Furious. Furthermore, he boasts numerous endorsements which has cemented him as one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars today.

His business interests include owning the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL and Fulham FC of England Premier League as well as Flex-N-Gate Corp which sells automobile parts to 41 brands. Forbes ranks him sixth on their list of wealthiest NFL owners while his net worth has declined for the first time since purchasing Fulham FC in England Premier League.

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