Adam Landerman

Adam Landerman, the Son of a Joliet Police Sergeant, Will Spend the Rest of His Life in Prison

JOLIET, IL — The son of a Joliet police sergeant is currently facing life imprisonment for the murders of two friends. According to him, adult jail provides meager meals and supplies limited library books.

Adam Landerman, Joshua Miner, Bethany McKee and Alisa Massaro lured Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins into a house on Hickory Street for an assault that resulted in their killing and dismemberment. Adam Landerman strangled them before dismembering them – an action which led them to arrests by authorities.

Early Life and Education

Will County Judge Amy Bertani-Tomczak on Friday ordered that Adam Landerman, son of a Joliet police sergeant, will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover in 2012.

Prosecutors allege that Landerman, Bethany McKee and Joshua Miner lured two 22-year-old male victims to Massaro’s house so they could kill and rob them before strangling and disposing of their bodies in the basement of Hickory Street Nightmare house.

Landerman’s attorneys attempted to portray their client as an innocent 19-year-old victim of manipulation by Miner, using recordings from interviews where Miner told investigators Landerman had surfed on bodies while abusing them by spitting and vomiting onto them. The defense presented audio evidence showing Landerman was intimidatingly and maliciously treated by Miner as evidence against Landerman during trial proceedings.

Professional Career

He brought big-name entertainers like Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, and Teddy Wilson to Hartford’s Heublein Hotel and Sunset Sounds concert series in the ’80s. He was known to enjoy anecdotes about these musicians who quickly became great companions as well as potential soul mates.

Adam Landerman pleaded his case before Judge Jeffrey Wessel on Friday morning, as he was given life without parole after being found guilty in June for murdering 22-year-olds Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins at Hickory Street Nightmare house in Joliet.

Joshua Miner, Alisa Massaro and Bethany McKee conspired with Landerman and three other defendants – Joshua Miner, Alisa Massaro and Bethany McKee – to lure victims to a house, rob them, then strangle them. Miner and Massaro were found guilty earlier this year; Landerman remains to be sentenced.

Achievement and Honors

Joshua Miner, 25, and Alisa Massaro, 20, lured Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins to their Hickory Street residence on January 19 and beat them to death before Massaro tied and wrapped plastic bags around their heads – leaving no evidence behind for police to discover upon searching of their house.

The initial officer to arrive testified that he saw two men tied up and with plastic bags over their heads, whom Miner had put under restraint by hitting and then choking. He heard struggle as well and witnessed Miner strike one before strangulating both.

Miner was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment; Massaro received a 10-year term for concealing their victims’ bodies. Judge Gerald Kinney recognized prosecutor Dan Walsh and deputy district attorney George Lenard’s efforts in handling this case.

Personal Life

Landerman had previously found himself in legal hot water for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct, as well as fathering a daughter through his former flame whose mother broke down crying when learning who her child’s biological father is – Landerman himself was later exonerated of all charges by a court ruling in November 2015.

He currently faces life imprisonment without parole for the January 2013 strangling deaths of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover at their Joliet home, after both himself and Joshua Miner were found guilty after a bench trial.

Defense attorney Jaquays noted his client and Miner never met, leaving his client terrified by Miner’s actions. Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow responded in reply: “He only feels intimidated because they got caught.” In response, Glasgow explained: “In reality he played an integral part in depravities these individuals were engaging in.”

Net Worth

Joshua Miner has been charged with masterminding a plan to lure two black men from Joliet to a Joliet home for a party where they would be robbed and killed, before waiving his right to jury trial in favor of being tried by judge who earlier found Bethany McKee guilty in bench trial proceedings. Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins were shot dead at this North Hickory Street location.

Landerman and two other defendants entered guilty pleas in June 2013 to charges that they lured victims to a house where they were shot and robbed.

Philip Massaro testified that he was sleeping on his couch downstairs when he heard noise in the upper-level apartment where the defendants were staying, where Alisa Massaro, then 19 and Bethany McKee, 20, both now charged with first-degree murder, were present. He saw them.

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