Adam Maness

Adam Maness

Adam Maness is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter. As founding member of genre-defying jazz group The 442s and creative director for Peter Martin’s Open Studio he has earned international acclaim for his innovative compositions and performances.

Maness’s weekly trio gigs at Thurman’s in Shaw have kept him devoted to jazz work while still finding time for classical composition and performance. Most recently he composed an unconventional composition for Chamber Project St. Louis that will tackle socioeconomic and racial divisions through unconventional performance setup.

Early Life and Education

Adam Manse is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer renowned for his songs that have been included on numerous recordings, television programs and films nationally and internationally.

He has performed around the globe with award-winning artists from multiple musical genres. Additionally, Adam Maness is currently leading his Adam Maness Trio alongside Bob DeBoo and Montez Coleman.

He began performing jazz improvisation as an undergraduate and founded The 442s ensemble in 2012 to bridge genre-defying musicianship and group singing with inventive improvisation.

His music draws its inspiration from classical and avant-garde compositions. He regularly performs at Thurman’s in Shaw, a neighborhood bar offering live entertainment to the community.

Professional Career

Adam Maness is an innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator and performer. He has collaborated internationally with award-winning artists from a range of musical genres; also serving as creative director for Peter Martin’s Open Studio as well as co-founding genre-defying band The 442s.

His professional career began in 2009 when the St. Louis Cardinals selected him in the 23rd round of MLB draft from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania. Since then, he has played in major league teams such as St Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies.

Adams established himself as one of the premier double-play specialists in major league baseball during his rookie campaign in 2019. He got 16 opposing batters to ground into double plays during this year.

Achievement and Honors

Maness is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger renowned for his performance and original compositions that have been showcased on national and international recordings, television shows and films.

He is also an esteemed member of The 442s, a genre-defying chamber ensemble, as well as leading his own jazz piano trio featuring Bob DeBoo on bass and Montez Coleman on drums – three players that have garnered him numerous accolades including an award from St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

He won a gold medal for his performance in BLACK KNUCKLE, an innovative music technology experiment which united musicians of different backgrounds to play the glockenspiel. Furthermore, he was honored as Champion for the Arts by both Boeing St.Louis Employees Community Fund and Pulitzer Arts Foundation; also becoming a finalist for Art Educator of the Year award.

Personal Life

Adam Maness is a highly accomplished pianist who has played and recorded with various musicians from all genres. He has performed at several music venues across the United States.

Adam began playing piano when he was 10 years old and has always had an affinity for both jazz and classical music.

Adam started performing at local bars and clubs as a teenager, eventually forming his own jazz trio with Montez Coleman and Bob DeBoo.

Net Worth

Adam Maness is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer. A member of The 442s, as well as having received international acclaim for his own compositions, Maness has amassed an estimated net worth of $500 Million which makes him one of the richest musicians worldwide.

Maness is well known as a jazz pianist; however, his current trio with trumpeter Joe DeBoo and bassist Nate Coleman is taking more of a pop approach in its music, including selections from OutKast to Radiohead as well as more traditional jazz standards. Maness was also one of the founding members of Peter Martin’s Open Studio; additionally, he has collaborated with artists across genres. Maness currently lives in Chapel Hill North Carolina with Erika Christensen as his wife.

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