Adam Mantel

Adam Mantel is a Nobel Prize Winner and a Dame

Mantel’s writing often explores an inexhaustibly vast world, yet still within our vision. Her depiction of Cromwell’s dramatic life exemplified this. At once expansive and deeply specific, her approach demonstrated her unrivalled grasp of history melded together seamlessly.

Her fiction follows suit; often blurring the distinction between historical fact and fictional details.

Early Life and Education

Mantel graduated from convent school and the London School of Economics before working as a social worker at a geriatric hospital, an experience which inspired her debut novels Every Day Is Mother’s Day and Vacant Possession. Later with her geologist husband she relocated to Botswana and Saudi Arabia with writing as her primary pursuit while dealing with debilitating symptoms that later proved to be endometriosis.

Mantel’s work explores the blurring lines between history and fiction, often drawing criticism for her blend of factual details with imaginative flourishes. Her novels contain references to other worlds that just appear from time to time on our radar screen; she also delves deeply into her traumatic adolescent experiences in books like An Experiment in Love (1995).

Professional Career

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Achievement and Honors

In 2021, Mantel received the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature – an enduring tribute that also brought significant pay increases. A dame, she has written 10 novels, an anthology of short stories and memoir. Additionally, Mantel has participated in countless business ventures and charitable efforts throughout her lifetime.

As an investor and board member for companies such as DigIO, Pretzel Lab, CMD Solutions, Databricks partner Kasna and Google Cloud specialist Azenix she has played an instrumental role. Additionally, she launched an intensive employment pathway program targeting IT professionals with cloud skills.

Personal Life

Mantel has made her name with large-scale historical fiction, yet also writes a wide array of short stories. Her 2014 collection Sorry to Disturb included one about an imagined assassination attempt on Margaret Thatcher; its inclusion drew criticism from right-wing groups who saw it as insulting the former prime minister.

Giving Up the Ghost, her memoir, explores ghosts that haunted her early life: family ghosts, unborn child ghosts and those from lives that might have taken on different directions had different choices been made. With her broad grasp of history and politics balanced against an intimate understanding of individual experience, the result is both monumental and heartfelt work.

Net Worth

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