Adam Master

Adam Master – Group Superintendent, Pope AAF

Adam Master serves as Group Superintendent of the 18th Air Support Operations Group at Pope Army Airfield and oversees matters that impact morale, welfare and readiness of over 1000 active duty and civilian personnel across nine units at Pope AAF.

He participated in two major research projects conducted by anti-corruption agencies in Australia; one researched media perceptions of corruption while the second examined effective strategies for preventing corrupt practices.

Early Life and Education

Adam Master was raised in a wealthy Scottish family specializing in designing country houses in the Palladian style, which is an adapted version of Andrea Palladio’s classical Roman aesthetic. Adam received an excellent education and took great interest in history and culture.

Soon after graduating with his Bachelor’s degree, he began his teaching career. He taught at Peter-Vetal Pk-8 School before moving on to Garden City Middle and High Schools; here, his contributions helped improve academic performance as they sought recognition as Leader in Me Schools.

As an educator at College Unbound – a degree completion college operating both inside and outside carceral spaces to ensure adult learners are recognized as scholar-practitioners, with access to a Bachelor’s degree pathway – he serves both inside and outside carceral spaces as co-founder and provost of this institution.

Professional Career

Adam has over 10 years of professional development coaching experience and has assisted hundreds of dynamic clients advance in their career. His specialty lies in helping individuals overcome obstacles to achieving their desired career goals; and has worked with professionals from diverse industries including education.

At Wake Forest University’s School of Professional Studies, he also teaches professional development courses to support teachers navigating today’s classroom challenges more efficiently. His understanding of teacher needs in today’s schools makes him a sought-after instructor for professional development courses.

His research on teacher resilience has reached thousands of educators through national conference presentations and books. Furthermore, he has contributed to antiracist pathways for teachers of color to enter and remain within the teaching profession.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has performed extensively as both a violinist and chamber musician, performing at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Rose Theater and Brooklyn Academy of Music. Additionally, he has served as concertmaster with numerous orchestras such as Richmond County Orchestra, NY Asian Cultural Symphony New Westchester Symphony and Hellenic Music Foundation Orchestra.

He is active in NYC contemporary music scene, performing with the CUNY Graduate Center ensembles Groupwork and Concrete Timbre as well as the Parlour Room Sessions of Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and National Sawdust’s composer series.

Adam is an advocate for neighborhood development. Working closely with city police, fire and code departments he seeks to enhance property standards, nuisance abatement laws and economic opportunities within District 10. A member of Prestoncrest Church of Christ and Watermark Community Church.

Personal Life

Adam has over 10 years of experience performing as a professional entertainer and is also a gifted speaker, master of ceremonies and creative advisor. He has presented on Acting, Directing and the Creative Process along with various social topics.

He has collaborated in creating ways to address complex global challenges with executives and politicians, generals and guerrillas, civil servants and community activists – from executives and politicians to generals and guerrillas, civil servants and community activists. His book entitled Collaborating With The Enemy: An Open Way of Talking, Listening and Constructing New Realities is widely read.

He has contributed research to two significant anti-corruption projects in Australia. His chapter two contribution in Perception of Corruption contrasted media perceptions of corruption with legal definitions in law. Furthermore, he has appeared as both a guest on television shows as well as having recurring roles on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series.

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