Adam Mcvey

Adam Mcvey

Adam 22 was born in Nashua, New Hampshire on November 24th 1983 and currently works as an actor, musician, and YouTube personality.

He is an astute businessperson who recognizes hard work and devotion.

He has earned significant wealth through both professional YouTube channel content creation and his entrepreneurial clothing venture, from which a substantial portion of his income derives.

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Professional Career

Adam McCvey is an American businessman, podcast host, and social media influencer best known for his BMX website ‘The Come Up,’ one of the premier global BMX websites.

He is well-known for his rap videos and music; his YouTube channel ‘The Come Up’s’ regularly hosts music videos and rap tracks that he regularly shares.

“The Come Up’s” YouTube channel boasts over 3 million subscribers and is popular among rap fans. He released a song single called ‘Hard” featuring BlocBoy JB and Tay-K, which amassed over 3 million views in only seven days after its release.

He is also an accomplished musician, with his own gaming channel where he streams videos of himself playing video games and editing footage to post to YouTube. Furthermore, he enjoys wine tasting as well as skateboarding.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Mcvey has achieved considerable success as a television host, being recognized by both the American Press Association and National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for his efforts. Furthermore, his YouTube channel boasts over 962k subscribers – testament to its widespread appeal.

Fitness enthusiast and founder of his own gym business. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for various brands and posts sponsored content regularly on his social channels.

As well as his professional accomplishments, Dr. Barisoff has also been recognized for his contributions to society at large. He received the McKelvey Emerging Leader Award at Champlain College annually in recognition of his scientific excellence and innovation which led him to lead others with leadership qualities such as scientific excellence. This event honors students for academic achievements, leadership abilities and community service.

Personal Life

Adam McCvey is an influential social media influencer and video blogger with over one million subscribers and 200 million views on his YouTube channel. With a passion for music, and writing movie reviews as his forte – Adam has achieved over one million subscribers and 200 million views to his credit.

Love Island star Tyler Black has been married to his longtime partner Joanna Rose since July 2018. They frequently post photos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts.

They have been seen on many romantic dates together and boast a large following on social media; according to reports they are expecting their baby boy in June 2021.

Adam is also a passionate athlete who dedicates much of his free time to training and fitness, serving as both personal trainer and fitness coach at Sculpt Fitness in Newcastle, UK.

Net Worth

Adam Mcvey is an actor, producer, and martial artist. His film credits include Star vs. the Forces of Evil, The Adventures of Puss in Boots and Krampus.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million thanks to his career and endorsement deals.

His success on YouTube and in merchandise sales contributed greatly to his net worth; unfortunately, however, his divorce caused an impactful decrease.

However, he’s been rebounding well from this setback and now boasts an expansive YouTube following and successful merchandise line that make up his empire. Thus it is expected that he can rebuild it and keep going strong for many more years to come.

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