Adam Rammouni

Adam Rammouni – Dearborn High School Football Player of the Year

Early Life and Education

Adam Rammouni excelled as both pitcher and batter at Dearborn High School in Detroit, MI, earning himself a preferred walk-on offer to Eastern Michigan University to play baseball.

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Professional Career

Dearborn High 55, Woodhaven 13 – Adam Rammouni intercepted two passes and picked up another on fourth down as the Pioneers beat Woodhaven, 55-13 on Friday night. Following an opening quarter touchdown by Woodhaven, Dearborn quarterback Ali Murray got injured on a run play and had to leave. Adam Saleh took over, helping regain possession with two big runs deep into Woodhaven territory before an unsportsmanlike conduct call against the Warriors nullified an upcoming Dearborn scoring drive while an unsportsmanlike conduct call allowed them to gain time; eventually Rammouni caught three other touchdown passes himself while Noah Dobert caught three others for his team as they held onto victory for good.

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