Adam Riggs

Adam Riggs – Set and Costume Designer

Adam Rigg of New York City has designed works for many major theaters. His designs have earned him recognition with awards including Princess Grace Award nominations from American Theater Wing Henry Hewes Design Award and Ovation Awards as well as multiple Princess Grace Award wins.

His impressive list of credits include Lileana Blain-Cruz’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “The Skin of Our Teeth” and L Morgan Lee’s Tony nominated play, “A Strange Loop.” Read on to gain more insight into this accomplished artist!

Early Life and Education

Adam Rigg is an award-winning New York set and costume designer, nominated twice for American Theater Wing Henry Hewes Design Awards and honored with numerous Ovation Awards.

David Goldspunner has designed numerous notable pieces, such as The Skin of Our Teeth, Einstein on the Beach, Garrincha and The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic. Currently serving as Artistic Director of Long Beach Opera; often working alongside Peter Sellars and Robert Wilson on projects; most recently working together with LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on an ambitious interdisciplinary exhibit about Los Angeles history and current transformation into a global cultural center.

Professional Career

Adam Riggs was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 22nd round of the 1994 MLB June Amateur Draft.

Since his career as a player was cut short due to a knee injury after only four years, he subsequently established a longstanding career as set and costume designer.

He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as Princess Grace Award, American Theater Wing Henry Hewes Design Award nominee and multiple Ovation Award nominations – his designs can be seen all around New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

As a scenic designer, Rigg has created sets for plays including A Strange Loop (Playwrights Horizons), School Girls or The African Mean Girls Play and Dance Nation – as well as Sarah Ruhl’s Dear Elizabeth world premiere at Yale Repertory Theatre on November 30.

Achievement and Honors

Rigg has designed highly varied scenic designs for shows this season, including an eye-catching wooden and shadow house to examine the water crisis in Cullud Wattah; an idyllic community cul-de-sac where trauma and history come together in On Sugarland; and a seaside fun ride for The Skin of Our Teeth.

His work has earned him two American Theater Wing Henry Hewes Design Award nominations, Princess Grace Award wins and Connecticut Critics Circle nominations. Additionally, he holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from University of California-Los Angeles and Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Art degrees from Yale School of Drama.

Rigg has several projects lined up, such as a revival of The Skin of Our Teeth at Lincoln Center Theater and Yale Repertory Theatre respectively; additionally he has several projects under development at Public Theater, The Devised Theatre Working Group and Mabou Mines.

Personal Life

Adam Rigg is an award-winning set designer based out of New York City who has received multiple accolades, becoming an active member of American Theater Wing.

Recently, his designs can be seen in The Skin of Our Teeth (McCarter Theatre) and Perle Noire (Playwrights Horizons), among many other projects such as Garrincha, Der Messias and Einstein on the Beach.

Other than designing plays, he serves as director of the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation and is also an active member of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, spearheading efforts statewide to expand Medicaid. Married to Alicia and father to two children.

Net Worth

Adam Riggs was a former professional baseball player best known for his stint with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows of the Japanese Central League.

Set and costume designer for theaters across New York City, he is the recipient of several prestigious honors: Princess Grace Award winner; two time American Theater Wing Henry Hewes Design Award nominees; Donald Oenslager Fellowship recipient and Pierre Cardin Fellowship recipient.

Riggs has an estimated net worth between $1 and $9 Million and was born in America on October 4th 1972. Although he has had numerous relationships with women over time, he prefers keeping his private life out of public view and has never married or had children.

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