Adam Roseman

Adam Roseman – Co-Founder and CEO of Steady

Adam Roseman is co-founder of Steady, an innovative platform that empowers hourly and gig workers to unlock their income potential in today’s fluctuating work environment. Growing up with multiple incomes himself while watching his father struggle to fund retirement funds has given him insight into today’s workforce challenges; therefore, his dedication and team have enabled Steady’s success.

Early Life and Education

Adam roseman is the founder and CEO of Steady, a fintech app designed to assist millions of non-standard workers increase their incomes. Additionally, Adam boasts an impressive legal resume, having managed state and federal labor and employment investigations and litigation successfully in both roles.

Growing up with a single mother working tirelessly to make ends meet and witnessing the growing income challenges experienced by Americans today, he is proud to be part of a team creating a company which helps others realize their full potential.

Adam has written numerous high-tech industry related articles for publications like Newsweek and Nasdaq. Additionally, Adam enjoys traveling with his wife and children – especially daughter Mia who exudes an infectious smile and an affinity for making friends! In addition to these outstanding credentials, Adam enjoys having an exceptional family life as well.

Professional Career

Adam Roseman began his professional career with 10 years in investment banking at Lehman Brothers and Barrington Associates (acquired by Wells Fargo). Additionally, Adam gained significant experience handling complex labor and employment matters including Title VII litigation, the Fair Labor Standards Act retaliation claims under Sarbanes-Oxley/Dodd-Frank whistleblower protection legislation as well as OSHA law defense.

He co-founded and sold a China media company which provided multi-platform Western content into China’s online video market as well as cross-border data analytics platform. Over the past nine years he has been an active entrepreneur and investor.

He has made significant contributions to his community through various charitable causes. He serves as board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization which assists children aged 6-18 form positive mentoring relationships which promote healthy development and positive outlooks on life.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has earned recognition from Ad Age as one of the top 40 global marketing executives under 40 years old, and Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2018. Additionally, as a businessman Adam takes great pride in being the co-founder and CEO of FansTang; China’s #1 Western Entertainment Digital Content Company. Through his career he has pioneered new paths between Western and Chinese content collaboration; boasting successes like Coca-Cola China’s most successful branded web series ever produced!

Personal Life

Adam has always been attentive to the needs of others throughout his life. From family to friends, Adam was keenly aware of the hard work everyone must put in just to survive and this drives him.

Adam is also an entrepreneur, having launched Steady in 2018. Their platform helps American workers improve their income by providing better data. Since 2018, two million American workers have taken advantage of Steady to close income gaps and maximize earnings potential – something Adam finds so fulfilling in trying to help people in this economy. It is inspiring seeing such success around him!

Net Worth

Adam Roseman is renowned American entrepreneur and philanthropist, known best for co-founding Steady, an app which helps millions of nonstandard workers secure more work.

He possesses an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion and is included on Forbes 400 list.

Roseman and Eagles director Jeffrey Lurie joined forces to hire Chip Kelly as head trainer of their club in 2013. Within one season of Kelly taking charge, one of their young teams outperformed expectations and won 10 games to take home an NFC East division crown.

Roseman then took on greater responsibilities by accepting an official VP/senior supervisor position within his organization, handling agreement arrangements and compensation matters in addition to leading restorative staff, hardware staff, video team and more.

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