Adam Saltzman

Adam Saltzman

Adam Saltzman is a new coach for Lynn Tech lacrosse program. His aim is to teach young players teamwork, dedication and discipline.

He has 19 years of experience and is affiliated with Southcoast Health. He graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in 2004, becoming board-certified for cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology.

Early Life and Education

Adam Saltzman hails from Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He studied integrative physiology and psychology at the University of Colorado before working as a construction manager both domestically and abroad – overseeing such projects as Port-au-Prince’s Ludwig Pavilion Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis Hospital & Cholera Treatment Center; Liberia’s New Redemption Hospital Caldwell; Kigali Rwanda’s Nyarugenge District Hospital among many more.

Adam Saltzman married Jennifer Victoria Sophia Wallner at the Westward Look Resort and Spa in Tucson on March 14, 2010. Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz officiated the ceremony. Rabbi Lewkowicz presiding. Rabbi Billy officiated. Rabbi Billy also officiated as part of this marriage ceremony which featured Rabbi Billy as officiant and Rabbi Billy as officiant respectively. Rabbi Billy led this third-year law student from City University of New York wedding of son of Renee Wallner from Tucson while groom is an associate from Boston law firm Ropes & Gray who hails from Livingston New Jersey where Sharon Saltzman lives with Alan Saltzman as part of Ropes & Gray law firm Ropes & Gray firm Ropes & Gray where his family live as part of Sharon Saltzman family of Livingston New Jersey where both sets of parents reside together with their families. Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz officiated this ceremony of which Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz officiated this ceremony which featured music. Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz officiated Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz provided officiated as Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz officiated. Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz officiated this ceremony & Gray litigation associate role played his.

Professional Career

Adam Saltzman is a certified financial planner based out of Winnetka, Illinois with 19 years of experience and holds the Series 63 license. Currently working for Northern Trust Securities Inc, his responsibilities include offering financial planning advice to clients while overseeing their portfolios.

Since being in business for some time now, he is passionate about everything finance related. In particular, he enjoys keeping up with new technologies and trends while trying out new recipes from time to time; even creating his own recipe book entitled “Ask the Chef.” Additionally, he started an online blog where he posts articles covering everything from food to politics – all completely free!

Achievement and Honors

Adam has long held prominent roles within the industry. As part of Air Force Space Command and having led various squadron and group command responsibilities including 614th Space Operations Squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base California as well as serving as the Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Operation Cyber Nuclear United States Space Force based out of Arlington Virginia (for which he received the Department of Defense Space Systems Medal).

Adam boasts a comprehensive and varied career, boasting numerous successes both professionally and personally. Currently he serves as principal and director of MASS Build leading construction of Ellen DeGeneres campus of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund as well as Nyarugenge District Hospital in Kigali Rwanda.

Personal Life

Adam Saltzman married Jennifer Wallner on March 14, 2010 at The Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Adam hails from Livingston in New Jersey with both parents having graduated from Fordham Law School.

He is currently employed as a litigation associate at Boston law firm Ropes Gray and represents clients in commercial and business litigation focusing on cases concerning technology, intellectual property, patent and trade secrets.

Saltzman enjoys playing golf, basketball and sports video games in his free time. In addition to this hobby, he is an advocate for mental health education among teens. To that end, he co-founded Wuf Shanti Children’s Wellness Foundation as a non-profit organization to teach mindfulness and social emotional learning to children aged three-17.

Net Worth

Adam Saltzman reportedly has amassed an estimated net worth of $15 Million through his successful movie career and charitable endeavors.

In 1962, Broccoli co-founded Danjaq with Albert Broccoli to become the holding company responsible for James Bond and Eon Productions films, producing all nine Bond movies including Casino Royale together.

Saltzman first gained national renown when Legally Blonde premiered at theaters in 2001 and quickly rose to stardom. Since then he has appeared in other movies like Bottle Rocket and Telling Lies in America as well as television series such as That ’70s Show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Roadies as well as working alongside Luke Wilson and Victor Garber; both well-established actors today.

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