Adam Sattler

The Vigil For Adam Sattler

Thursday night marked a somber vigil for fallen MSU student Adam Sattler at Legacy Courtyard. However, classmates, friends, and colleagues gathered together in tribute to Adam while also sharing stories and memories about his life and personality.

Michael Crichton’s groundbreaking novel Jurassic Park features Sattler as a paleobotanist working alongside paleontologist Alan Grant. Steven Spielberg cast Laura Dern as Sattler for his film adaptation.

Early Life and Education

Adam Sattler was born May 7, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia to Thomas Daniel Sattler and Leshia Wood Sattler and attended Tift County High School in Tifton Georgia until graduation with 2016 Superior Honors. While attending Tifton, Adam participated in Beta Club, Math Olympiad, Mock Trial competitions, MOWR dual enrollment at ABAC making Deans List as well as Varsity Tennis team and Swim team activities.

Cool Community Church in College Station, Texas was home to him. At MSU Texas he was known for his strong work ethic and commitment to his studies. Additionally he volunteered at both Wichita Falls Police Department and American Red Cross with both organizations, often showing off his big heart and great sense of humor.

Professional Career

Adam Sattler is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in mood, anxiety and stress disorders. He utilizes evidence-based therapies to assist his clients in meeting their therapy goals, with experience working both hospital- and outpatient settings.

He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mississippi and completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Additionally, Dr. Alon holds certification as a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist who enjoys helping those experiencing life-altering trauma as well as any related mental health conditions.

Since 1998, when he joined forces with fellow law school friend Alberto Ebanks to form EBANKS & SATTLER LLP, he was responsible for handling lawsuits, divorces and family matters as well as representing entertainment and sports clients and providing counsel on various trust and estate cases. Later he established PC as a sole plaintiffs law firm focused on fighting for injured victims’ rights in all types of accident cases.

Achievement and Honors

Sattler was honored for his outstanding contribution as part of the team that won gold at the Olympics, earning multiple awards and honors, such as being named as one of the league’s Most Valuable Players by his former team.

Sattler also received a trophy for his contribution as part of the winning team at the world cup tournament, an achievement he was immensely proud to achieve. He would like to extend his thanks to all his sponsors, family and friends for all their help throughout this long and rigorous journey that led him all the way to its conclusion in September.

Personal Life

Adam Sattler became a beloved character from the Jurassic Park franchise as an iconic scientist portrayed as an paleobotanist alongside Alan Grant in the first two films.

Sattler played an essential role in Isla Nublar’s partnership between humans and dinosaurs that helped preserve its ecosystem from potential disaster. Beyond his scientific accomplishments, Sattler also established himself as an accomplished actor; being nominated for an Oscar award as Best Supporting Actor was his honorary title.

On Monday at 80 years old, rugby league world and his fans mourned his passing deeply and his legacy will live on through his children. Former South Sydney Rabbitohs player Robert Kean was one of the greatest ever to grace this game.

Net Worth

Adam Driver’s performance as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi earned him wide acclaim and also helped launch him on a lucrative voice acting career, which has earned him plenty of income over time.

Jimmy Vee has made a name for himself as R2-D2 alongside Kenny Baker – who passed away in 2016. At 3 feet 8 inches tall and son of former tennis coach and basketball player John Vee, Vee has distinguished himself in the Star Wars franchise.

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