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Adam Security – How to Calculate Your Net Worth

Adam Security is a modern cyber security solution designed to prevent malware and ransomware infections in real time, using advanced zero trust networking on the edge to detect threats before they cause damage and keep them away from compromising your network.

Adam has years of experience fighting malware and other cybersecurity threats, regularly researching attack methods and providing clients with advice to protect their networks against these attacks.

Early Life and Education

Adam is a dedicated cyber security enthusiast who takes great pride in sharing his knowledge and helping clients protect their networks. With seven years of experience under his belt, Adam specializes in offensive and defensive assessments to identify attack paths used by adversaries against critical assets.

He strongly advocates for free and open exchange of information, believing the most effective way to help clients protect against modern attacks is providing them with information they can rely on to prevent future incidents from occurring in the first place.

At its heart lies adam:ONE Security Gateway software, offering real-time detection and prevention of malware and ransomware threats as well as providing an audit log and user authentication system that only permits access to those with proper credentials to their instance of adam:ONE.

Professional Career

Adam has over two decades of legal practice experience with an emphasis on the intersection between technology and law. As an author and lecturer specializing in information management issues such as e-discovery and data security issues, Adam is frequently quoted by federal court decisions regarding such topics.

He advises clients on an array of matters related to data privacy and security compliance and incident response planning, vendor management, policy development and regulatory audit/investigation oversight. He is familiar with state and federal privacy laws/regulations.

He has provided consulting services to several professional sports leagues and lectures regularly at leading law schools on e-discovery related matters. Furthermore, he holds both Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and ISC2 Certified Penetration Tester credentials.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has made significant contributions to emergency management and security throughout his career, leading or co-authoring many national plans, studies and reports.

He also served in key leadership positions during dozens of major disasters and special security events, such as hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, Charley, Katrina, Sandy and Irma; September 11 terrorist attack; the anthrax release at U.S. Capitol as well as numerous Presidential visits, Super Bowls and Olympic games.

At Illumio, Adam oversees a team of technology experts across EMEA that specialize in offering security solutions to clients. His focus is delivering advanced technological capabilities while mitigating cyber risks.

Personal Life

Adam is a staunch proponent of free and open information sharing. He has collaborated with multiple organizations to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities as well as conduct research to further the security community’s understanding of Red Teams operations.

Adam is not only an accomplished cyber security specialist but is also an avid reader and tinkerer. In his free time he enjoys woodworking, landscape photography/astrophotography as well as cooking experiments in his kitchen.

Adam has experienced and achieved many exciting things throughout his career. From developing Arkansas’ first VOIP enabled network to overseeing a statewide electric cooperative network, Adam has left an indelible mark on various aspects of industry – though security is what has kept him coming back day after day for over 15 years!

Net Worth

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