Adam Seede

Adam Seede

Adam Seede is a horticulturist and documentary producer who has spent 30 years collecting, growing and sharing seeds of endangered and culturally significant crops. Additionally, he cultivates more than 100 varieties of vegetables that he supplies to gardeners, food libraries and others interested in conserving genetic diversity in edible crops.

Early Life and Education

Adam Seede was born in England but later adopted by Australian parents and became famous after appearing on Married at First Sight Australia season 10 in 2017. As an entrepreneur and TV personality, Adam became well known after appearing on that season of Married at First Sight.

Adam suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of an automobile accident and it forever altered his life. He spent time in hospital and required round-the-clock care.

Adam had to relearn how to live independently again upon returning home, which led him to Eggleston’s Beacon House for treatment and community support.

Adam enjoys traveling and hip ricochet music; in his free time he also enjoys video gaming.

Professional Career

Adam Seede is an Iowa licensed real estate salesperson with experience farming since childhood; helping his parents operate a greenhouse is part of this experience.

Gardening is something he enjoys immensely and believes can help connect people to nature and their surrounding environment. He particularly takes an avid interest in rare and unusual plants.

He has dedicated much of his time and efforts to preserving genetic diversity and protecting endangered and unique plants for future generations, planting a wide array of crops while spreading awareness on them and making seed available to the public.

Sports medicine professional. Has worked as both assistant and head athletic trainer at Erskine College.

Achievement and Honors

Adam earned one of the many accolades given him by himself, an award for “sexiest student”, with its prize being a beautiful laptop computer. However, it was on the opposite side of the hall so Adam was forced to use feet and brains (ftb) reading material in binoculars worthy reading material to get through his reading materials quickly enough if given enough alcohol and luck; soon thereafter they’d likely turn in their odometer soon thereafter and on Monday receive their prize wearing matching colored tees; unfortunately this could become one of their biggest regrets after such an eventful day!

Personal Life

Adam Seed is a modern-day entrepreneur and serial reality TV star. Before appearing on MAFS Australia, Adam appeared on various dating shows.

Janelle was one of his influences, so they got married in 2023 and have faced plenty of obstacles together, from financial worries to cheating confessions. Will their union survive?

His fascination with gardening began as a child when his mother brought him to pick gooseberries off of prickly gooseberry bushes. That experience ignited his love of plants and vegetables – leading him down a path towards collecting rare varieties.

He has chronicled his journey in The Seed Detective book. Therein lies some fascinating tales behind some of our everyday vegetable heroes such as how domestication of garden peas from three wild species began over 8500 years ago or that the first carrots originated from Afghanistan.

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