Adam Sharki,

Adam Sharki, a Lieutenant With the San Diego Police Department

Adam Sharki is a Lieutenant with the San Diego Police Department. As such, he oversees its SWAT team, Narcotics Task Force and Special Investigation Unit.

SDPD Officer James Walker is a highly trained officer who strives for excellence in all his endeavors, serving as an example to fellow officers while being an inspiration to many. His life serves as an example for others to follow and reflect upon.

Net Worth

Are You a Fan of Shark Tank? You might be curious as to the value of its Investors? Each week on the show, six entrepreneurs listen to pitches from budding business owners before investing in their products or services.

Mark Cuban, with an estimated net worth estimated to be over $4.6 billion, is one of the richest sharks featured on Shark Tank. He owns both the Dallas Mavericks NBA team and stakes in several small businesses such as Landmark Theaters and Magnolia Pictures.

Lori Greiner has found great success through investing in two extremely profitable products – Squatty Potty and Scrub Daddy products which proved immensely successful.

Kevin O’Leary of Canadian businessman is one of the wealthiest sharks on Shark Tank with an estimated net worth estimated at $400 Million. Known for founding SoftKey International software company and being affectionately known as “Mr. Wonderful”, O’Leary often appears as the second-richest investor.

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