Adam Stefanile

Adam Stefanile – A Science Teacher With Years of Experience

Adam Stefanile has years of experience teaching both biology and earth science to both high school and college students, offering courses like biology, advanced placement college biology, environmental science, microbiology, earth science as well as serving as the Discovery Program test coordinator at New York’s College of Staten Island.

Early Life and Education

Adam Stefanile has over 10 years of teaching experience at both college and high school levels, including biology, earth science, genetics, TESOL certifications as well as TEST exams.

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Professional Career

Adam Stefanile has amassed an extensive knowledge base during his 11 years teaching high school science classes. At Henry Snyder and Lincoln high schools in Jersey City, New Jersey, he taught many students the fine art of science research and experimentation while providing hands-on lab experience. Adam Stefanile has provided his services at the Salvation Army in Sunset Park, Brooklyn where he mentored many young people in general science and biology. Adam Stefanile is known to be an exceptionally hardworking individual; at an affordable price he could become your new science guru! Click below for a free quote or get in touch.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Stefanile, as a high school science teacher, is a dedicated mentor who inspires his students to excel academically and extracurricularly. For eleven years now he has taught biology, Advanced Placement college biology, environmental science, chemistry microbiology earth science. Alongside this responsibility he also takes great pride in creating student-friendly resources aligned to common core science standards.

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Personal Life

Adam Stefanile is an adept educator who has been instructing his students in biology for some time now. His approachable manner enables him to explain complex ideas simply, while his expertise lies in laboratory methodology. Stefanile has taught various topics including Advanced Placement College Biology, Earth Science, and Microbiology. Based out of Brooklyn for lifelong residence, Stefanile currently teaches several classes at The Smith School. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physiology and anatomy, a Master of Arts in Adolescence Biology, and is certified Science teacher with a Professional New York State Teaching Certificate. In addition, he belongs to both the National Science Teacher Association and National Association of Biology Teachers; recently being honored as winner of The Smith School’s best Science department twice!

Net Worth

Adam Stefanile possesses an estimated net worth of $1 Million. He is an American teacher residing in Brooklyn, New York who possesses both a masters degree in science teaching as well as being licensed to teach in New York State. Adam has taught both high school and college-level biology classes alongside earth sciences like biology, chemistry and earth science as well as art history classes including Roman-Renaissance architecture instruction.

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