Adam Sternbach

Adam Sternbach

Adam Sternbach specializes in corporate transactions and works with startups, early-stage, emerging-growth, and middle-market companies across multiple industries.

Leo Sternbach was a researcher for Hoffmann La Roche before World War II, where he helped to develop antibiotics, hypnotic medications and compounds used for bloodless surgery procedures – but is best-known for his work on Valium and its predecessor Librium.

Early Life and Education

Sternbach holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and an MA from New York University’s International Center of Photography, both focused on her exploration of water’s relationship with humanity, from desolate deserts to iconic surf beaches. Based out of Brooklyn, she uses large format film photography along with early photographic processes to create environmental portraits of individuals and environments.

Adam is derived from the Hebrew word for “earth”, or adamah. According to Genesis’ creation myth, Adam and his wife Eve were among the first humans ever born on Earth. Additionally, Adam appears in Exodus Leviticus and Numbers books as well as being adopted into religions such as Christianity Islam and Judaism.

Professional Career

Sternbach works with start-up, early-stage, emerging-growth, and middle market companies spanning various sectors including blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, cannabis cultivation, fintech/financial services, proptech/IoT solutions and life sciences. He advises clients on corporate transactional matters such as entity formation, debt and equity financing arrangements as well as technology commercialization strategies.

Sternbach completed two summer internships at Credit Suisse, an investment bank, before transitioning into their New York City headquarters as a financial institutions analyst. He credits his skillset gained as a Hobart hockey player with giving him an advantage in the workplace.

Her gentle and profound essays about family, career, love, and loss address high-profile scoundrels (Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson, Woody Allen), fictional characters (Carrie Bradshaw), and historical figures who are over 100 years dead (Emily Dickinson). Additionally, her designs incorporate ecologically sustainable components manufactured in the US.

Achievement and Honors

Sternbach is a widely-respected illustrator who is known for creating dynamic images of interstellar exploration. His clients have included NASA, Smithsonian Institute and Sky and Telescope magazine.

Sternbach has received awards and scholarships from various institutions, such as Syracuse University for his undergraduate degrees in policy studies and sport management, and from Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University for his JD degree.

Sternbach hails from a Polish-Austrian background. His father Michal was an esteemed classical philologist who taught at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland and also wrote numerous critical essays and translated works of Catullus, Propertius, and Tibullus from Latin into Polish. Michal immigrated to Switzerland in 1940 but had to flee upon learning of Nazi occupation of Europe in 1943.

Personal Life

Sternbach hails from Connecticut and graduated with a major in art before transitioning into marine biology at his state’s university. Subsequently, he began working as an illustrator for science fiction magazines like Galaxy and Analog.

Sternbach earned 241 patents during his time as an inventor. Among others, these inventions included diazepam and clonazepam (Klonopin), anticholinergics such as clidinium bromide and hypnotics like nitrazepam/flunitrazepam. He was known for having an incredible work ethic while being considered an enjoyable person to work with.

Sternbach is married to Herta Kreuzer Sternbach and has two sons: Michael and Daniel. Currently he resides in Upper Montclair, New Jersey where he remains a staunch supporter of the arts as well as creating futuristic designs for sci-fi productions.

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