Adam Swenson

Adam Swenson

Adam Swenson is an orthodontist who lives by the principle that form follows function. He takes great pleasure in helping his patients create smiles that promote dental and TMJ health, and strives to foster an office culture characterized by humility and service. Adam enjoys digging “sand tunnels” with his son on weekends while date nights with his wife are held, surfing California coastline waves as well as reading philosophy books during his leisure time.

Early Life and Education

Swenson became embroiled in multiple scandals during his time in professional wrestling, such as being involved with GFW as Lugwrench during the early 90s and part of their Alliance to End Hulkamania that included Dungeon of Doom, Four Horsemen, and The Ultimate Solution.

Swenson, in addition to writing his own books, has presented at numerous national medical conferences and researched topics like healthcare policy. Recently he and his team published a paper discussing how physicians’ impressions of pain patients may influence their decisions to prescribe opioid medications.

Adam’s wife Maureen and Katja have both been diagnosed with cancer and need our support during this difficult time. Please consider making a donation via the link below – every bit helps! Thank you so much!

Professional Career

Swenson specializes in serving individuals, partnerships and privately-held corporations as well as providing audit, review and monthly accounting engagements for non-profits, professional service firms and service companies.

Renovating residential properties is his passion and he loves meeting new home owners every day. When not remodeling homes, he enjoys playing golf or watching Vikings games with his family in his free time.

He has traveled widely (visiting over sixty countries and living abroad for a total of three years), providing medical work in several developing nations and publishing eight books, including the best-selling MARGIN: Restoring Emotional, Physical and Financial Reserves to Overloaded Lives which has now been translated into thirteen languages. Additionally, he is board certified orthodontist with advanced training in Invisalign(r) treatment options, lingual orthodontics and treating TMD dysfunctions.

Achievement and Honors

Swenson has led teams to three NWAACC tournament appearances since 1996 and 2000 at Tacoma Community College – amassing an all-time 124 win mark with both programs! Additionally he has produced 10 All-Pac-10 players as well as having eight of his students drafted by MLB clubs.

At national medical conferences such as the American Academy of Family Physicians and Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Commander’s Conference, Dr. Margolis has delivered keynote addresses. In addition, he is the author of nine books including his most popular work MARGIN: Restoring Emotional, Physical and Financial Reserves to Overloaded Lives.

He is also an accomplished actor, having performed roles on Broadway such as Lestat, 110 in the Shade, and Brooklyn as well as off-Broadway productions such as Rock of Ages and Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Personal Life

Adam Swenson is married and the proud parent of two children. Additionally, he shares an exquisite partner in Gabby Powell who has become an Instagram sensation and social media influencer.

He’s an avid Vikings fan who spends his evenings and weekends golfing. Additionally, he adopted Dalvin from Happy Tails rescue center.

Swenson has also made waves as an accomplished baseball coach on both the high school and college levels, helping coach 1992 Sehome baseball team to second place finish in state tournament and 1994 Bellingham Post 7 American Legion team to fifth in state playoffs respectively.

Swenson has made numerous cinematic and TV show appearances. He played Philo Barnum in The Greatest Showman movie musical and guest starred on several popular series such as CSI:SVU and The Good Wife.

Net Worth

He has amassed an immense following on social media platforms like Instagram, where he posts comedy skits. Additionally, on YouTube he uploads videos showing off his comic timing by making funny puns or gags.

He is the son of an ex-NBC news reporter and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise science from Minnesota State University Mankato. Additionally, he serves as strength coach for swimming and water polo teams at Minnesota State.

His most iconic role was as Lars Hanson on Little House on the Prairie. Additionally, he appeared regularly in other TV shows like Lassie, Gunsmoke, and The Virginian; he appeared in Broadway shows Lestat and 110 in the Shade. Unfortunately he passed away at age 87 leaving behind a substantial fortune which remains undisclosed as to who will inherit it.

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