Adam Zotkow

Adam Zotkow is a Rising Star in the IB World

Early Life and Education

Early years are crucially important in terms of development for children, with brain growth at its most rapid. Social and emotional foundations can also be established during this time as well as beginnings in numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking skills.

Study results have also demonstrated that children who attend early childhood education programs are more likely to succeed academically, enjoy better health outcomes, and experience lower crime rates later in life. The OECD recognizes high-quality early care and education as a key economic indicator, while UNESCO lists early childhood care and education among its Sustainable Development Goals.

Early childhood education is a vast field that encompasses numerous programs and institutions. Earning a degree in early childhood education may lead to teaching jobs at child care centers, schools or other educational environments. Some colleges offer bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education which often require practicum experiences prior to graduating.

Achievement and Honors

Adam displayed exceptional academic abilities throughout his high school years, earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average while taking all IB classes and earning all ten National Merit Finalist and Academic All-American awards available; additionally he competed in state speech and debate tournaments.

Eric also contributed his services back to his community through volunteerism, helping clean campgrounds and nature trails, deliver firewood deliveries, perform flag-raising ceremonies and yard work at nursing homes. Additionally, he volunteered with Thurston County Food Bank & Crop Walk; additionally dedicating time to professional photography.

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