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Addison Rae PFP – Who is Addison Rae?

Addison Rae is a social media sensation who has recently launched a clean skincare line. She also has a multi-film deal signed with Netflix. Additionally, she has many endorsement deals with American Eagle, Hollister and L’Oreal. She has appeared on Keeping up with the Kardashians, as well as in the film He’s All That.

She has also landed a role in Fashionista, a rom-com that follows a woman who lands a major role in the film. In addition to fashion-related roles, Addison has also appeared in music videos. She also voiced Marnie in Spy Cat. For more information, check out Addison’s bio below. This is her most complete list of credits.

Initially, she became famous in 2020 after her TikTok account started racking up millions of views. Since then, she has gone viral and has amassed more than eighty million followers and over five billion likes. Addison is also a popular figure on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. As her popularity grew, her name began to take on a different form: a full-fledged career in social media.

Meanwhile, Rae Ray has returned to her Instagram account after a period of silence. While a few commenters defended her, some criticized her outfit, saying she had copied a look from a famous actress. Despite the comments, she isn’t letting trolls ruin her style. Her 2021 MTV Awards outfit received similar comments. She’s now embracing the criticism with grace.

In February 2019, she announced her next big acting gig: “Fashionista.” She co-hosts a podcast called That Was Fun? with her mother Sheri. Addison and Sheri. Previously, the podcast was known as Mama Knows Best, and was a Spotify exclusive. She also earns money from her various endorsements. Her popularity has grown but her personal life is just as interesting.

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