Aerie Sleepwear

How to Get the Best Deal on Aerie Sleepwear

Aerie’s clearance clothing is perfect for any occasion, such as a sleepover or just to relax in your favorite PJs. Plush, comfortable sleepwear is the perfect gift for mom, sister, or friend. You can even buy one for yourself! For a cozy feel, pair it with super-soft slippers. These are some tips to help you get the best price on Aerie sleepwear.

Aerie was founded with the customer in mind. It wanted comfortable, trend-right undies that were not sexy and not too revealing. Stacey McCormick, Aerie’s SVP of Marketing, stated that “100%” of female customers wanted Aerie undies. It took one year for us to create our underwear line.

Aerie’s name is a play on American Eagle. The clothing line was originally designed for women aged between 15 and 25, and was launched in a Pittsburgh mall. The store’s name, “Aerie,” is French for large nest of birds of prey. Aerie was soon expanding beyond the store’s niche and started branching out into other stores. The brand is now available at 82 locations around the world in 13 countries.

Aerie’s original launch team focused on cotton underwear and soon launched a shelf cami, boybrief, and PJs. The customer reaction was overwhelmingly positive and the AE team jumped at the opportunity to corner the market. Despite initial success, the team continued to expand the line and create new products. The aerie brand has grown to be a household name in just four years. So how does the company keep the aerie brand growing?

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